Challenge Accepted: Quick thoughts on pushing yourself in 2018

I stumbled upon this Instagram post by @GoOutDoors and it really moved me.

It’s succinct, direct, and motivating. Plus, it makes you think about not only where you’ve been but where you want to go. Have something you want to get better at? This has it. Need a new trip? Here you are.

This is how I’ll be challenging myself in 2018:

  1. Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia this summer.
  2. I should set a personal best in my upcoming half marathon this weekend. *Fingers crossed nothing goes bad. I need good juju.* I’m very excited.
  3.  A true backpacking experience. Gear up, gather friends, and set off into nature and see where Mother Nature takes us. (Just kidding, we’ll stay on the trail like the good boy scouts we pretend to be.)
  4. Camping. Camping. Camping. When the weather gets hot in Phoenix, it’s time to head up to Flagstaff and cool off. Plus, I’ll add disconnect from technology as well. Who needs your phone when you’re amongst the pines?
  5. This one is huge. Pick up trash. Don’t leave a mark. But !ALSO! vote for candidates who will protect the environment and support organizations who do the same. We’re at a sort of turning point in the global community. Every country but the United States has signed on to the Paris Climate Agreement and we need to do everything we can to make fighting climate change our number one priority.

How will you be pushing yourself in 2018? Can you answer all five of these? I challenge you to find a way to complete all of these by the time this year wraps up.


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