Gear Review: Big Agnes Mystic UL 15˚ Sleeping Bag

The Big Agnes Mystic is an incredible sleeping bag. Full stop.

With 850 fill DownTek, it’ll keep you warm and let you sleep like a king or queen. At two-pounds, five-ounces, it’s relatively light. And with my scrunch sack, it gets down to a pretty decent size in my backpack.

The Big Agnes Happy Hooligan in the middle
The Big Agnes Mystic in the middle

Initial Thoughts

I’ve only camped in wintry conditions once and the Mystic held up well during my backpacking trip in Yosemite National Park. We were hailed on and endured temperatures in the 20’s. At 6-feet tall, I bought the Long version which gives me plenty of room at the bottom and allows me to turn and sleep on my side during the night.

The Mystic is designed with Big Agnes’ Sleeping Pad System in mind, so they moved some of the insulation out of the bottom of the bag and moved it to the sides and top. Due to this, you’ll want to get a sleeping pad that has a higher “R” level (or go with a Big Agnes sleeping pad and you’ll be set).

At $430, it’s quite the investment and it’s very understandable this will turn some people off. I went for quality and the broad temperature range as it allows me to backpack in nearly all weather conditions outside of blizzards. Most people probably won’t need a 15-degree. As always, go with what you believe will fit not your comfort level but also your budget. If you spend all your money on gear and don’t have any to adventure, then it probably wasn’t the best economic decision.


Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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