Gregory Paragon

Gear Review: Gregory Paragon 38L

The 38L Gregory Paragon is the classic ‘long-day’ pack adventurers can rely on, as they head out for a full day or overnight trip.

With plenty of space in the main compartment, the Paragon has ample room in the outside areas as well, and in the plethora of zippered compartments on top and on the sides. In addition, it fits like a charm and is pretty lightweight, weighing in at only three pounds.

Gregory Paragon Gregory Paragon

Initial Thoughts

I’ve been needing a new day pack as my older one is 5+ years old. Plus, I wanted a slight size increase as well. The Gregory Paragon fits the bill with an upgrade in both quality and quantity. The pack has already been to Iceland, the Grand Canyon, and Sedona in the few short months since I received it.

As a photographer, the pack provides plenty of space for my multiple camera lenses, and the straps at the bottom allow me to lock in my tripod. Even with all my camera gear, the Gregory Paragon still had plenty of room for food, clothes, and liquids. What I also really enjoy are the straps on the top that allow you to lock in gear or clothing between the main pack compartment and the top flap. Utilizing this gives you the ability to carry a little more than usual.

Gregory Paragon Gregory Paragon

What I also love are the zippered pockets on the hips. Most places keep these pretty small but Gregory makes them big enough to store multiple goodies, which helps keep you moving on your adventure.

In all, this pack is a winner. It’s an adventurer’s dream pack and will hold up in almost every condition you can imagine (thanks to the rainfly which comes with the bag).

Gregory Paragon


Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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