Packems Chamonix Monument Valley

Gear Review: Pakems Men’s Chamonix Blue

Out exploring and you need a comfortable and lightweight shoe? The Pakems Chamonix is a perfect option for your adventure needs.

I was able to test out the Chamonix in Monument Valley and it was the ideal shoe for the sandy, desert climate. Its lightweight, comfortable features were just what I needed to walk around the valley and take in the sights.

As I hopped in and out of the tour truck throughout the Monument Valley backcountry, the Chamonix offered great support on rocky and sandy surfaces. For a shoe this light, I was skeptical at first, but it held up really well and allowed me to do everything I wanted to in the valley.

Additionally, I chose to hike up a sand dune to get a shot an arch and the shoe crushed it. Usually hiking up a sand dune would mean a shoe would have a few inches of sand in afterward. However, the Chamonix’s drawstring laces ensured most of the sand stayed on the outside, a huge win that I wasn’t expecting.

Out Adventuring or Staying in the City

Going forward, I’m excited to bring these on some of my backpacking trips to wear around camp. I usually just bring my flip flops but ended up slicing my foot open wearing them last year. Wearing the Packems will take away that risk without adding any more weight to my pack. If I didn’t mention this before, they’re also super comfortable and after wearing hiking boots all day, it’ll be a relief to slip these on and enjoy some downtime at camp.

If you’re not into the extreme adventure life, the Chamonix is still a great option if you’re going to the beach, walking your dog, making a trip to the store, or are heading to the slopes and need something to wear before putting on your ski or snow boots.

Pakems Chamonix’s innovative style is geared for all people who enjoy a great feeling shoe and one that is built for a plethora of situations.



Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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