Looking Ahead: Travel Goals in 2018

With 2017 is behind us, we’re locked and loaded on what I hope to be a great 2018.

It’s going to be filled with adventuring, strengthening friendships, and probably learning a little bit more about myself as we enter into the backend of my twenties (holy shit how did I get here?!)

First up on the docket is… another road trip! I’m super excited for this one and to get back out on the road.

I’m flying up to Salt Lake City and then roadtripping back to Phoenix with a close friend. The plan is to hit Zion National Park, Horseshoe Bend, the Grand Canyon, and maybe the Wave (but it’s a lottery process so that’s likely a pipe dream).

I then head to Las Vegas for a week-long work party conference which then leads directly into the Waste Management Open and Super Bowl Sunday. I’m already seeking out my nurse friends for their IV access.

Top of Angels Landing, Zion National Park
Top of Angels Landing, Zion National Park

In February, the tentative plan is to head up to Denver and visit my brother at Winter Park Resort to hit the slopes and get some boarding in considering it’s as dry as, well, the desert here. Then at the end of the month, I’ll be heading to San Diego for a work networking/marketing conference that should be both amazing in terms of growth but also getting to be in San Diego – it’s been too long.

Einter Park Ski Resort...Colorado

April will consist of the usual debauchery at Country Thunder which is some of the best times you’ll spend with friends. Nothing like being in the middle of nowhere, listening to music, and drinking to make your midwestern parents proud. Hopefully, no kerfuffle’s will happen considering my #CoastalElitist views  *eye roll* at this country shindig. (Side note: Was challenged to use kerfuffle in a sentence and checkmate.)

It’s going to be filled with adventuring, strengthening friendships, and probably learning a little bit more about myself

Then, on top of CT2018, one of my closest friend’s is having a bachelor party in, go figure, San Diego. So two times in two months after not being there for at least six years. Oh, and I also turn 26 this month soooo that’s cool, I guess. I’m still figuring this out.

June looks to be home to another nice long vacation. The tentative plan is to head to Canada and get to know Vancouver and Whistler a little better. Plus, there’s this place called Garibaldi Provincial Park which is absolutely stunning and I need to go.

Garibaldi Lake
Garibaldi Lake

To wrap up the summer, it’s time to elevate.

Fingers crossed the permit process goes smoothly, I will be summiting the tallest mountain in the continental 48 – Mt. Whitney at 14,505 feet. This 22-mile roundtrip hike will probably be done as a “day hike” to minimize pack weight and get us up and down out of the elevation and back to base camp at Whitney Portal.

Mt. Whitney
Mt. Whitney

Hopefully, also intertwined in this summer is a backpacking trip to the Pacific Northwest, specifically to The Enchantments wilderness east of Seattle. That’s also permit required so it’s up in the air until we snag one.

Colchuck Lake
Aasgard Pass (with Goat :)
Aasgard Pass

Fast forwarding to October, us Wildcats will once again reconvene for our once annual convention where we figure out how we did all the things we did in college without dying, ending up arrested, or flunking out. He’s to spending another 14 hours at Frog. Cheers!


Other than those plans which are locked in or close enough to be locked in, there’s plenty of weekends, vacation days, and holiday’s to plan trips out of the scorching Arizona heat and into the great outdoors to make me a happy camper.

Let’s #OptOutside and make some memories!


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