Clean Ups Are the New Brunch

We had another Keep It Wild and REI clean up last weekend and this time things got a little messy.

Not in a bad way. In a cool way!

This time around, Eddie and I (I dragged my friend along) were asked to paint over graffiti which 1) I’ve never done before 2) Is much better than kneeling down on the ground 3) It’s been a very long time since I got to paint and it was pretty fun.

However, I still got splattered with paint covering up pathetic attempts at whatever you want to call what people had written on the walls. I mean, it wasn’t even good artwork. Phoenix gangs need to get their act together. (Mostly sarcasm.)

Getting my Michaelangelo on during a Keep It Wild and REI Clean UP
Eddie also showing his artistry potential.

Keep It Wild

As a  Wildkeeper with Keep It Wild, I’ve really enjoyed going to the two Clean Up’s that have been put on and it is my little way of giving back to a planet that gives us so much.

Additionally, it provides a new circle of friends to get to know which are outside of my UofA bubble and are also adventure seekers and environmentalists. Basically, everything that I need in a new friend.

Anyways, the actual clean up was in North Phoenix, at the Beardsley Boulder Pile, (had never heard of it or been there before) but it is absolutely littered with glass. (Super depressing.) Less depressing was the fact that there were hundreds of people out there to give it their best shot and help make a small dent.

Keeping it Clean

The next clean up is March 24. I will be in San Diego at a bachelor party but you are always welcome to go without me!

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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