Lake Mead Recreation Area Will Close Trails This Summer to Protect Hikers

With scorching summer temperatures on the horizon, Lake Mead National Recreation Area has announced seasonal closures for several strenuous areas and park trails from May 15 to September 30, 2024.

Excessive heat, identified by the National Weather Service as the primary weather-related hazard in the Southwest United States, has prompted Lake Mead staff to take proactive measures to ensure visitor safety and prevent potential tragedies.

Hiking Trails Closed this Summer

  • Goldstrike Canyon
  • White Rock Canyon and White Rock Canyon Trail
  • Arizona Hot Springs and Arizona Hot Springs Trail
  • Liberty Arch Trail
  • Lone Palm Trail
  • Sugar Loaf Trail
  • Lone Palm and Sugar Loaf surrounding areas

Areas Not Affected by Closures

However, during the seasonal closure, access to the hot springs near Goldstrike Canyon and White Rock Canyon will remain available from the Colorado River. Additionally, the River Mountain Loop Trail and Historic Railroad Trail will remain open for visitors.

Heat-related illnesses can strike individuals regardless of their physical condition, especially during brief exposures to extreme temperatures. Park rangers anticipate a surge in medical emergency calls during the summer months due to excessive heat and urge visitors to plan their trips responsibly.

Recommendations for a safe visit include scheduling outdoor activities during cooler morning or evening hours, limiting exposure to direct sunlight, staying hydrated with ample water and salty snacks, and familiarizing oneself with hiking trails and climbing routes before embarking on them.

How to Hike Safely During the Summer Months

If you plan to visit the desert southwest this summer, know how to recreate safely.

  • Hike Before 10am and after 6pm
  • Wear the appropriate clothing with plenty of sun protection
  • Always have at least a liter of water on you. When temperatures break 100F, drink 3 to 4L of water a day.
  • Keep water in your car in case of emergencies

For more detailed safety guidelines and information on how to “Plan Like A Park Ranger” for a visit to Lake Mead National Recreation Area, visitors are encouraged to consult the official website at Safety – Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Author: Alec Sills-Trausch

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