Month In Review: MARCHing through the year

So, we’re apparently already a quarter of the way through 2018 and I don’t about you but (I’m feeling 22, jk) I’m not sure a year has flown by as fast as this one. However, March was full of adventure and exploring, which might have contributed to how fast it came and went.

We’re going to keep this short and sweet considering we’re already a week into April and I’m late with this.

The most monumental part of the month was buying an awesome camera that I’m in love with. While I was up in the Arizona high country, I went out and about in Sedona, taking in the scenery around Soldiers Pass.

I was also dragged out of bed to do a sunrise hike with a buddy of mine – and was able to take some nice sunrise photos. I also learned how slow you end up hiking when you’re stopping every 33 yards to snap a picture.

Looking out from Piestewa Peak during sunrise in Phoenix, AZ.
Looking out from Piestewa Peak during sunrise in Phoenix, AZ.

In the middle of the month, I joined another Keep it Wild and REI clean up in northern Phoenix at the Beardsley Boulder Pile which is littered with shards of glass. (If ya’ll want to create something that can vacuum up glass and leave dirt, that’d be awesome.)

The back half of the month is where the fun happened.

I joined three other guys for a 14+ mile hike up Mt. Lemmon, which is just north of Tucson and the University of Arizona. This nearly nine hour hike with over 7,500 feet of total elevation gain took a toll on all of us. However, it was an amazing experience that provided just epic views of southern Arizona.

Top of Mount Lemmon

To wrap up March, I set off for San Diego, to join a bachelor party of one of my closest friends. On the second day, we headed up to Torrey Pines in La Jolla and had a fantastic time on the beach!

Torrey Pines State Preserve

In preparation for future hikes (Havasupai), I did a 10-mile ‘stroll’ up to Tom’s Thumb from the southern trailhead. This was about what I expected but I assumed the elevation gain would be more gradual. Instead, you sort of meander around for three of the five miles and over the last two they send you right up. My legs were dying but overall it was a solid hike out in sunny AZ. (I didn’t take the Canon because I knew it’d be a tough hike and I don’t have my harness yet.)

Lastly, and his technically cuts into April, but I landed Enchantment Permits for this summer in the Pacific Northwest. To say I’m excited about this is a total understatement and the next three months I’ll have my eyes longingly focused on this amazing place. We’ll probably do four days and three nights in the wilderness, taking in some of the most beautiful scenery we’ll ever see.

April’s blogs will come in waves as I’ll have a ton of content to post once I get back from Havasupai and maybe a pre-backpacking trip write up for you all. It’s country thunder weekend so wish me luck as I try to survive another year out there.

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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