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Huge Savings: The 10 best deals right now at the REI Outlet

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The REI Outlet is one of my favorite ways to save money and get incredible gear. It’s not news to anyone that outdoor gear can be expensive, so if you can find good quality, discounted gear, you should jump at it.

Inside, I highlight 10 pieces of discounted gear at the REI Outlet that you will love.

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Best Deals Currently at the REI Outlet

A hiker walks towards the camera with a larch tree to the right and mountains behind them.
Photo Credit: Alec Sills-Trausch

1- Osprey Skarab 30 Hydration Pack – Men’s

Perfect for your upcoming day hikes, and it includes a 2.5L water bladder so you never run out of water. Osprey is one of the top backpack brands, and you can count on their quality. This should last you a decade if not more!

2- Patagonia Storm10 Jacket – Women’s

Swiftly traverse mountain terrain with minimal weight, the Patagonia Storm10 women’s jacket stands out as an ultra-light, 3-layer waterproof garment that you should stow in your backpack and utilize when the climate takes a turn.

The veiw lookout out from the top of Angels Landing 1,500 feet off the zion Canyon valley floor.
Photo Credit: Alec Sills-Trausch

3- Black Diamond First Light Hybrid Insulated Hoodie – Men’s

The Black Diamond First Light Hybrid insulated hoodie provides warmth, breathability, and unrestricted movement during early morning alpine starts, night-time descents, and all activities in between.

4- Smith Skyline ChromaPop Snow Goggles

Who’s ready to hit the slopes this year!? If this is you and you’ve been thinking about getting new goggles, you might as well lock this one in right now!

5- Marmot Long Hauler Duffel – Large

Planning some trips and realizing you need a bigger duffel back? This 75L Marmot Long Hauler is perfect for weekend excursions to the slopes or a cabin in the woods.

6- Gregory Baltoro 65 Pack – Men’s

A hiker walks on a small hill in front of a mountain with a small pond reflecting the mountain.
Photo Credit: Alec Sills-Trausch

I was honestly shocked to see this bag on here. The Gregory Baltoro 65L is the one I currently use and have had for six summers of backpacking. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s brilliant and will take you to so many places. This is best for 3-4 days, though I think you could get a fifth day in there with no issue.

7- Altra Superior 5 Trail-Running Shoes – Women’s

I’m a huge proponent of Altra and have worn both these and the Lone Peaks. The Superior shoes are great for hitting the trails with a fast and light shoe. I will note that these are lighter, so they don’t have as much cushion in the bottom as other shoes.

So, if you’re going on sharp and rocky terrain, this might not be the best. But if you’re looking at some pretty standard dirt trails, you’ll love these!

8- Mountain Hardwear Summit Grid Tunic Hoodie – Women’s

Whether you’re embarking on a backpacking expedition or diving into winter escapades, the Mountain Hardwear Summit Grid Tunic hoodie is your ultimate fleece mid-layer, delivering lightweight trail-ready performance!

9- Big Agnes Torchlight Camp 20 Sleeping Bag – Women’s and Men’s

A 20-degree bag is perfect for three-season camping and maybe even four seasons, depending on where you are. This Big Agnes sleeping bag is best for car camping but can also be used for backpacking at only 3 pounds 7 ounces.

10- HOKA Anacapa Mid GTX Hiking Boots – Women’s and Men’s

These Hoka Hiking Boots might look funky, but they’re really good. I have a pair and have been wearing them all over Washington this summer and fall!

I highly recommend it.

A close up photo of the Hoka Anacapa shoe with Mt. Rainier in the background
Photo Credit: Alec Sills-Trausch

Final Thoughts on these REI Outlet Deals

Most of these REI Outlet deals will end when the product runs out. So, if you’re thinking about buying some, do it. You don’t want to be on the outside looking in when the item you had your eye on is no longer available.

Until next time, adventurers, take care and be safe.

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