The 32 best items in REI Anniversary Sale 2023

They’re branding it the biggest sale of the year. This May, the REI Anniversary Sale 2023 offers adventures the ability to gear up at a discount. To me, there’s no better time to load up on gear that you have been holding out on or just realized needs to be upgraded after a winter of no use. (Check those water filters, ya’ll).

There are undoubtedly hundreds of good deals out there, but I’m focusing on the 32 best items that I think you would find value in while hiking, backpacking, camping, and traveling. Each item listed is less than full price, though the percentage off ranges from 12% to 30%.

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The best outdoor gear for the REI Anniversary Sale 2023

When is the REI Anniversary Sale 2023?

The Rei Anniversary Sale 2023 starts May 19 and runs through May 29. While you have ten days to decide what to get, don’t decide last minute, as REI could run out of some items. (Already happening!)

Remember to sign up for a REI Membership.

First, ensure you’re an REI Member to get an additional 20% off of one item. 

If you’re not an REI member yet, I highly recommend joining. It’s a one-time cost, and you end up accruing 10% of your full-priced purchases each year in dividends that you can use on new gear next year. 


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The Best Hiking Deals of 2023

1 – Darn Tough and Smartwool Socks

These are some best wool socks on the market. I highly recommend Smartwood, as they absorb moisture and help decrease your blister risk.

2- REI Trailmade Fleece

Everyone needs a comfy fleece for hiking, traveling, or camping. This one’s perfect and is quite affordable! Plus, it comes in some fun and unique styles to stand out on the trail.

3 – Baby Carrier – Multiple Styles

There’s no reason having a new kiddo means you have to stop hitting the trails. Grab one of the below baby carriers and show your new one what it’s like to spend time outside.

4 – REI Co-op Vented Trailsmith Hat

Sun protection has never been more important, and this wide-brimmed hat will help keep your face and neck out of the sun. I would recommend this as a must for the REI Anniversary Sale 2023.

5 – Prana Zion II Pants

They are probably my favorite hiking pants on the market, and super stoked they’re included in the REI Anniversary Sale 2023. You can wear these in all climates, and they will not fail you.

rei anniversary sale 2023

6 – Sahara Shade Hoodie

These are high-quality sun hoodies that will keep your skin protected as you adventure all summer long. These have a bit heavier material than others, so keep that in mind. If you’re hiking in the 90s, I might opt for the Astroman or Patagonia below.

Since my recent cancer diagnosis, I’ve become a sort of sun shirt savant as I have to limit my sun exposure now. The following are other brands and sun shirts I really like – but might not be discounted for the REI Anniversary Sale 2023.

Outdoor Research Astroman – Holy smokes, this is an incredible shirt. It’s comfy, stretchy, cool, and lets airflow. It’s risen to the top of my list. The only downside is no hoodie.

REI Sahara Long Sleeve – Less stretchy of a shirt, but still offers good airflow. I took this on a 30-mile backpacking trip into Kings Canyon with temps in the 80s and it worked well.

Patagonia Capilene – A classic in terms of sun shirts. These are a favorite for hikers and backpackers, as you can wear these for multiple days with no issue.

7 – Outdoor Research GORE-TEX Rain Jacket

While it might seem like a traditional time to buy rain jackets, if you can get a good one on sale, do it! Plus, you never know when an afternoon rainstorm will hit you, and there’s nothing worse than being unprepared.

8 – Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Boots

Salomon hiking boots have blasted onto the scene in the last couple of years, and they make a phenomenal shoe.

9 – Hiking Day Pack

Most of REI’s daypacks are 30% off, and it’s a great time to snag one. I won’t recommend one specific one as everyone is looking for something different. Just remember, less than 20L is a short day hike, 20-32 longer day hike, 35+ you could possibly pack it right to do an overnighter.

rei anniversary sale 2023

The Top Backpacking Gear You Can’t Pass Up

10 – Big Anges Copper Spur Tent

One of the best and lightest backpacking tents on the market. They aren’t cheap, but you’re investing in quality. I bought a 2P UL in 2018, and it’s still working great for me. However, I need a slightly bigger tent, so I’ll be going with the 3P this week.

11 – NEMO Hornet 2P

One of if not the lighest semi-freestanding tents on the market. The Hornet’s minimum trail weight is 2 lbs 1oz. Keep in mind that you will need a place to pull out the lines to keep it expended.

12 – Multi-day backpacking packs

It’s time to hit the trails for some overnights! The REI Anniversary Sale 2023 has backpacking bags on sale for 25%-30%. Again, won’t tell you what to buy, but I really like Gregory (I have the 65L Baltoro – but sadly not on sale), but Osprey and REI make good gear also.

13 – REI Flexlite Air Chair

When it comes to backpacking, having a place to sit with a backrest, versus sitting on the ground can’t be beat. And at just over one pound, it’s a weight that I’m okay taking on.

14 – Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core Deluxe Sleeping Pad

My absolute favorite backpacking sleeping pad. I sleep like a baby, but it does make some noise, so maybe warn your fellow backpackers. Ha! (PS: If you dig a big, you may find a Long/Wide version.)

15 – Marmot Helium 15 Sleeping Bag

I have a 15-degree bag and love its versatility as I’m never cold in the mountains (three-season treks only), and if I’m warm, I just unzip. When looking for a good bag, look at fill (this one’s 800) and weight (right around 2 pounds).

16 – BearVault BV500 Journey Bear Canister

This one’s good for 3-5 day backpacking trips into bear country. If you’re ever planning to go backpacking in the National Parks with bears, they mandate you have one.

17 – Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Poles – Pair

I got these five years ago, and they are still going strong! They don’t allow you to resize them, but they fold up and are lightweight. They get my seal of approval!

rei anniversary sale 2023

18 – Garmin Mini InReach 2

Sadly, the REI Anniversary Sale 2023 only offers 12% off, and you can’t use your 20% coupon on it. But if you were going to buy one this year, might as well do it now and save a little money.

19 – Garmin fenix 7X Sapphire Solar Multisport GPS Watch

One of the best hiking and backpacking watches on the market. I personally have the Fenix 7, and it’s excellent. If you’re looking to track your hikes this year, grab this one! (PS: It’s on sale!)

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Must-Have Camping Items for this Summer 

20 – Black Diamond Spot 400 Headlamp

Everyone needs a headlamp for camping and finding their way in the dark. The Black Diamond brand makes great ones, and they will last you a while!

rei anniversary sale 2023

21 – REI Co-op Camp Blanket

Time to get cozy by the fire with this REI camp blanket. Perfect for colder nights or staying out for sunset while your partner does photography (like me, ha).

22 – REI Co-op Skyward Chair

One of my favorite parts of the REI Anniversary Sale 2023 is how much top-quality gear is on sale. This chair is no different. We got one to replace a broken chair and have been enjoying how comfy it is.

23 – Coleman Cascade 328 3-Burner Camp Stove

Time to get cooking! Every camper needs a trusty stove, and this one’s pretty good on discount! Make sure to browse the entire REI Anniversary Sale 2023 if you don’t like this exact one – I’m sure you’ll find one that works for you!

24 – Ignik Gas Growler Deluxe

One of the MUSTS for camping is having a refillable propane tank. It’s way more cost-efficient long term, and the canister should last you for your entire life.

25 – ENO DoubleNest Hammock

There’s nothing better than being in the forest with a cool breeze and in a hammock. Make this a reality with the ENO DoubleNest.

26 – REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Air Bed – Queen

Whether or not you’re camping with a partner, spread out on this queen air mattress, and live life comfortably. I know I personally love having more room while sleeping!

27 – Eureka Copper Canyon LX 6-Person Tent

You won’t run out of room in this tent and I think you’ll be able to stand up (or close to it). I would only recommend this for families or those who want to really spread out inside your tent. A 4-person tent might work better for most couples.

28 – Stanley Even-Heat Camp Pro Cookset

Having a reliable cooking set while you camp is paramount. Plus, having stainless is crucial for limiting clean up and not having little flakes of your non-stick coming off and getting in your meals.

Traveling Gear for your next Adventure

29 – Thule Motion XT XL Roof Box

Planning road trips this summer? No better way to go than to add a Thule to the top of your car and save space inside! You save almost $200 buying during the REI Anniversary Sale 2023.

rei anniversary sale 2023

30 – Osprey Porter 30 Travel Pack

Having a comfortable and sturdy backpack to travel with is key while flying or going on trips. Make sure your bag has room for everything you’ll need!

31 – REI Co-op Big Haul 60 Recycled Duffel

Everyone needs a duffel bag! I know I travel with mine all the time and love the portability and ease of carry. If you have flight plans this year, time to load up!

32 – REI Co-op Expandable Packing Cube Set – Medium/Large

I’ve found that packing cubes dramatically help with my packing efficiency and planning. If you’re holding out, it’s time to stop and join the packing cube family.

Wrapping Up – REI Anniversary Sale 2023

Summer’s nearly here (or here for some of you), and it’s a perfect time to get geared up for your adventures. Use the REI Anniversary Sale 2023 to your advantage and land some great gear.

Happy Trails and travels to you all!

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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