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REI Labor Day Sale 2023: 17+ Items to Get You Ready for Fall Adventures

Another REI sale! This round, it’s time to prepare for fall and winter adventures. The REI Labor Day Sale 2023 offers great discounts on a range of gear and classic brands. There’s definitely something for everyone – I’d know – as I’ve spent much of this week looking through the best deals on the website.

Below, I’ve compiled 17+ of the best REI Labor Day Sale 2023 items I think you’ll enjoy. Thanks for reading, and here’s to you finding some great stuff!

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REI Labor Day Sale 2023 Buying Guide

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What you need to know about the REI Labor Day Sale 2023

How long does the REI Labor Day Sale Last?

The REI Labor Day Sale 2023 Starts on Friday, August 25, and goes through September 4, 2023. This spans 11 days, which hopefully is enough time for you to decide what you want to splurge on!

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What is my favorite deal of the sale?

The 25% off all Big Agnes gear is probably the best deal of the sale. This is a perfect time to scoop up the top-tier Copper Spur backpacking tent at a discount. It’s one of the lightest freestanding backpacking tents on the market, and you likely won’t be able to get it for a better deal.

Are there any additional REI sale deals?

20% off REI Outlet

All REI Co-Op members are receiving 20% off one REI Outlet Item. Honestly, the REI outlet has some INCREDIBLE deals that could already be 50% off. Then, add another 20%, and it’s basically a steal.

I’d highly recommend looking at the REI Outlet, as they have some better deals than the current REI Labor Day Sale 2023.

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Members get Free shipping

Members receive free shipping on all products no matter how much they spend. For non-members, you have to spend $50 to receive free shipping.

Sign Up to be an REI Member

REI Membership offers so many benefits, and it’s only a one-time $30 cost. From here, you’ll get 10% back each year on full-priced items, meaning each spring, you will have a nice chunk of money to get something new with. Make sure to add a membership to your cart when you check out.

REI Labor Day Sale: Amazing Discounted Outdoor Gear

REI Labor Day Sale Hiking Deals

REI Rain Jackets and Rain Pants – 30% off

Let me tell you, these things work. In Iceland, earlier this summer, we got DRENCHED, and I mean head to toe covered in water, but we thankfully had our rain gear. When we left the waterfall, we removed our rain gear, and our clothes were dry.

That’s the power of good rain gear. So, if you’re headed to a rainy location this fall or winter (or just need new gear), I recommend these REI gear items.

Osprey Day Packs and backpacks – 25% off

One of the top hiking and backpacking brands on the market. You can’t go wrong with Osprey; these will last you many years of adventure and excitement. This is a fantastic deal at the REI Labor Day Sale 2023.

Gregory Baltoro and Deva Backpacking Bags – 25% off

Just like Osprey, Gregory has fantastic backpacks. I am currently going on year six of my 65L Gregory Baltoro. My girlfriend has the 30L day pack which is perfect for longer hikes and travels.

REI Sahara Hiking Clothing – 30% off

I’ve crushed miles and miles in the REI Sahara hiking clothes and can say I really like them. They’re not super lightweight, but lightweight enough to do a trip through Kings Canyon in the 80’s with no major issues.

I was worried about rubbing, but I didn’t have to wear anything under the long-sleeved button-up shirt and had zero blisters or chafing problems from the backpack. I highly recommend this during the REI Labor Day Sale 2023.

I also have the Sahara hoodie, which I like. Again, it’s a bit heavier than other sun shirts, but I still like it!

JetBoil Stoves – 25% Off

I’m not sure where I’d be without my JetBoil Flash. It’s also been with me for six-plus years and still going strong. It heats all of my water for backpacking dinners and coffee. It’s the perfect companion and totally worth the $100.

Prana Pants – 25% off

Honest to God, Prana is the only pants I wear outside. They’re stretchy, comfortable, and durable, and I don’t feel like I’m overheating. They’re pricey but so worth it, and now, being on sale, it’s a no-brainer.

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Altra Lone Peaks – 25% off

If I’m not wearing hiking boots, I wear my Lone Peaks. They’re one of my favorite shoes, allowing me to be nimble and light while hiking. Totally worth the money as they will last you many, many miles. (It’s also why they’re a favorite of PCTers.)

Patagonia Granite Crest Rain Jackets – 40% off

If you can land a Patagonia rain jacket for 40% off, you do it without a second thought. Definitely check out these for the REI Labor Day Sale 2023.

REI Labor Day Sale Camping Deals

All Big Agnes Gear – 25% off

I’m a proud owner of two Big Agnes backpacking tents (Copper Spur 3P and a discontinued Happy Hooligan 2P), a sleeping bag, and a sleeping pad. The last three are all six years old and working great.

At Big Agnes, you get quality gear for your money, and it’s definitely an investment.

NEMO Aurora Tents – 25% off

NEMO makes fantastic tents that are perfect for car camping or backpacking. If backpacking, aim for your tent’s weight to be around three pounds. Any more, and it’s not ultralight.

North Face Wawona Tents – 30% off

My parents have this, and it’s definitely a bit of a glamping setup. It’s tall enough to walk in, has a front porch area to keep your bags and get ready in the morning/to change clothes, and ample room if the weather turns cruddy.

Eureka Stoves – 25% off

Stoves are more or less the same, so when you can get a decent brand on sale, run for it. I personally have the CampChef, but Eureka stores will still boil water and cook food. It’s not something I’d worry much about.

REI Labor Day Sale Winter Deals

Shop here for all the REI Winter Gear, sorted for the biggest percent off. There’s a TON of great gear available for the REI Labor Day Sale 2023 that I can’t possibly list out.

Patagonia Down Sweaters Women’s – 30% off

Don’t allow the weather to confine you indoors. The Patagonia Down Sweater for women is a lightweight, windproof option that provides ample warmth for cold-weather pursuits, serving as an ideal choice when you need an extra layer to fend off the cold.

ArtilectHigh-AF Down Stretch Parka – Women’s – 60% off

Featuring an extended length that goes beyond the waistline, the Artilect High-AF Down Stretch parka for women provides breathable protection and heat without the added bulk. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking a jacket that can tackle even the harshest weather conditions.

REI Co-op Flash Power Air Fleece Jacket – Men’s and Women’s UP to 60% off

Crafted to provide warmth in backcountry adventures without adding unnecessary bulk, the REI Co-op Flash Power Air jacket resembles a fleece alternative to traditional puffy jackets. It’s sleek, lightweight, and exceptionally conducive to layering.

Snowshoes Up to 45% off

REI does have some of its snowshoes on sale via the REI Outlet. The ones discounted are Komperdell and Redfeather. I have MSR Lightning Ascents that I love, but I doubt those will go on sale anytime soon!

REI Labor Day Sale 2023 Misc Deals

REI Soft-Sided Coolers – 30% off

REI’s soft-sided coolers are the perfect companions for your outdoor adventures, combining durability with exceptional insulation to keep your beverages and snacks refreshingly cold while on the go. Various sizes and designs make packing and transporting your essentials a breeze.

Shop Coolers

Thule and Yakima Racks, Roof Boxes, and Rack Accessories – 20% off

Upgrading to a new car, or maybe you need more room for your road trips? Adding a rooftop rock will open up a lot of space in your vehicle and make traveling easier.

Co-Op Electric Bikes – 40% off

If you’re looking for a steal when it comes to electric bikes, these bikes are almost half off and are well worth it!

REI Running Clothes and Shoes – 30% off

For those lucky souls who get great weather during the winter months, here’s your chance to stock up on running gear and start that race training you’ve always wanted to do!

Travel and Electronics Deals

North Face Duffel and Roller Bags – 25% off

The North Face Duffel and Roller Bags redefine travel convenience. Whether packing for a weekend getaway or a longer expedition, these versatile bags offer durability, organization, and smooth mobility to make your journeys effortless.

Gregory Quadro Pro Luggage – 25% off

Gregory’s Quadro Pro Luggage collection epitomizes the intersection of style and functionality in travel gear. With innovative features and rugged construction, these bags are designed to make your travels seamless, providing the ideal balance between form and function.

I’ve had one since 2019, and it’s fantastic! It has completed two trips to Iceland, one to Ireland, and plenty in between.

Wrapping Up – REI Labor Day Sale

The REI Labor Day Sale 2023 has some great deals and is far better than the 4th of July one. You can snag some great gear and clothes to prep for fall and winter adventures. I’d especially use the 20% REI Outlet deal to score something cheap that you can use over the next few months.

Hopefully, you will find some really excellent items throughout the sale! As always, thanks for reading!

Until next time, adventurers, take care and be safe.

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