Summer Sale: 20 amazing outdoor gear items currently on sale at the REI Outlet

For those who may not know, the REI Outlet is a hidden gem of fantastic deals on items that are either discounted or last year’s gear. There are some incredible hiking, backpacking, camping, and traveling items available. And best of all, they’re heavily discounted. I’ve spent A LOT of time looking through the REI Outlet sale 2024, finding and organizing the best deals for you to shop.

Why are these deals so great? Well, they are already discounted, and then you can add another 20% off to one of the items. Talk about a steal!

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The best outdoor gear available on the REI Outlet 2024

Keep in mind some of these sales may no longer be going on or the items have been sold out. But if they haven’t, you’re going to have your mind blown at how good these REI Outlet deals are! At the bottom are some bonus deals I found!

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Everything to know about this limited-time deal from REI Outlet

What is the REI Outlet?

The REI Outlet is full of great deals on last year’s perfectly good items, but REI needs to get them off the shelves. I personally LOVE buying from the outlet because you can get some dang good steals.

How do I become an REI Co-Op member?

You can add a membership to your order when you check out. See the REI Member page here if you’re curious about the benefits.

Here are a few reasons to join:

The top 20 deals currently available on the REI Outlet

Now, onto the reason why you’re here. The best REI Outlet Sale 2024 deals for May!

1. Zempire 2-Burner Deluxe & Grill High-Pressure Camping Stove (46% off)

Introducing the Zempire 2-Burner Deluxe & Grill, your ultimate campsite cooking solution. You can simultaneously use all three cooking options with dual piezo-ignition, 10,000 BTU burners, and an impressive lower grill. Elevate your outdoor culinary experience with this complete powerhouse.

best hiking gadgets

2. Altra Lone Peak 7’s (30% off)

My favorite trail running and hiking shoe and you can grab it at a huge discount right now. There’s not really any difference between the 7 and the 8, so it might as well save some money.

Men’s Women’s

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3. Mountain Hardwear ACI 3 Tent (Mountaineering Tent)

This is probably the biggest steal of the entire REI Sale. Normally $1,000, it’s now 40% off. Add another 20% off, and you’ll get it for $480. Now, most people won’t need this because this is for intense climbs, but maybe someone will see a need!

Buy this tent

4. Merrell Hiking Boots/Shoes/Trail Runners – Men’s and Women’s (26%+ off)

Maybe your hiking boots took a turn for the worse this spring while doing waterfall hikes or enjoying the cooler weather on the trails. Snag a great new pair at a discount below and hit the trails this summer with a fresh grip! One of the top deals a the REI Outlet Sale 2024.

Hikers in the Enchantments.

5. Gregory Katmai 65L (30% off)

Realize your hiking pack is too small? Maybe it doesn’t fit anymore? This Gregory backpack is sale and is perfect for 3-4 day overnight trips! This means on top of the 30% off; you can score an extra 20% off.

6. Running Shoes and Gear from HOKA, Altra, Brooks, and Salomon

For some of you, summer might not be running season (I get it; I used to live in Arizona), but for others (now me in Seattle), it’s the only time we can run. So, if this is you, and you want some new running shoes, take a peek below!

7. Hiking Footwear (Up to 45% off)

I know, I know, I did one whole thing for Merrells. But I wanted to make it easier for you to browse your hiking boots/shoes. I organized this by the biggest percentage off. Almost all the big brands are included here!

8. Smartwool Gear (Up to 70% off) STEAL ALERT

Smartwool is one of the best companies out there. Their gear is incredibly durable and made with the utmost quality. I own half a dozen of their products. Whenever you can find wool on sale, you need to jump at it. They’ve got a good variety of gear available for a solid discount.

This is another great REI Outlet Sale 2024 deal.

9. Gregory Backpacking Packs (25% off) STEAL ALERT

I have multiple Gregory backpacks, and they’re going into their seventh season! I love it and can’t recommend it enough. Below are both women’s and men’s backpacking packs.

10. Skarab 30 Hydration Pack – Men’s (25% off)

When aiming to reach the summit, a versatile and comfortable hiking pack is essential. The Osprey Skarab 30 men’s hydration pack offers the storage capacity and practical features necessary for all-day hikes. This is one of the top brands on the market and a perfect choice for a hiking day pack.

11. X-Set 21 Cookset – 3-Piece (31% off)

A perfect lightweight backpacking cook set that won’t break your back. I have two of these three (the cup and bowl), and I bring it on all of my backpacking trips for coffee and breakfast. They smash down and hardly take up any room.

12. Black Diamond Bivy (45% off)

This is for those who want to pack light and summit mountains. A bivvy is designed to be a lightweight tent-like feature, allowing you to camp in tight quarters or as a last resort.

See the Bivvy
Photo Credit: Alec Sills-Trausch

13. Sleeping Bags from various brands (up to 40% off)

Most of these are car camping sleeping bags or heavier backpacking ones. Ideally, for backpacking, you want around a 20-degree bag and less than 3 pounds. For car camping, size and weight don’t matter.

14. Smith Soundtrack Polarized Sunglasses (35% off)

Keep those eyes safe this summer with polarized sunglasses from Smith. One of the best brands out there for glasses, this is a stellar deal!

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15. Icebreaker Wool Products (Up to 25% off)

Just like Smartwool above, Icebreaker is dang good too. I wanted to add this in just because Smartwool’s products might be limited, and I honestly believe everyone should have as much wool gear as possible. It does the most bang for your buck (and it is not cheap).

This is one of the better REI Outlet Sale 2024 deals!

16. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 4 & 6 Person Tent (55% off)

I have this exact tent in the 4P size. It’s big enough to fit a queen air mattress and also fit your duffel bags. This is only a car camping tent, as your back would be dead if you tried to backpack it. But it’s super reliable. My first one lasted 5 years and just re-upped again.

(I linked both below, just in case you don’t need a 6P size.)

17. BioLite Headlamp 750 (25% off)

You won’t have any problem seeing the trail or campsite with this BioLite headlamp! With 750 lumens, you’ll be able to crush miles with ease!

While it’s already summer, you might be missing a key piece of your beach or lake wear. Take a look at the water-related gear below.

Photo Credit: Austin Sills-Trausch

19. Patagonia Trucker Hat (51% off)

If your hat is smelly and dirty, it’s time to get a new one! This is half off and you can also use your 20% off coupon to lower the cost even more! Talk about a steal.

20. Winter sports/Winter Gear (Up to 66% off)

Just flagging this one last in case some of you are looking ahead and want a nice deal on some winter attire. Buying gear in the offseason is one of the best ways to save some money. I sorted by biggest discount. This REI Outlet Sale 2024 is crazy good!

REI Outlet Deals

21. Kayaks (up to 40% off)

This summer, get that kayak you’ve always wanted and hit the water for some great times! the REI Sale on these is really great.

REI Outlet Deals

BONUS Deals Happening at REI

Curious about other deals? REI has over 1,400 items discounted. I obviously can’t list them all, ha!

backpacking the enchantments aasgard pass sunset

Wrapping Up – Best REI Outlet Sale

Hopefully, you come away from this REI Outlet Sale 2024 scoring some amazing gear! Let me know on Instagram what you got, and I’ll feature the top find! Remember, use the REI promo code ANNIV24 for your 20% off one REI outlet item!

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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