Grand Canyon Sunrise

A new dawn at the Grand Canyon ft Sunrise

After a “fantastic” one hour of sleep in my car, it was show time.

But, first a funny story. My roommates thought I told them I’d be home that morning and called me at 4:43am, asking where I was. Me, groggy after 30 mins of sleep, couldn’t have been more bepuzzled with what was going on. Anyways, after that mix up, I got another “solid” 20 minus of sleep before my “wonderful” alarm sounded off.

Grand Canyon Sunrise

With a 5:30 am sunrise, we were up and out of the car by 5:10, only to realize that Mather Point is the spot to be.

Just 90 minutes earlier, I had been the only one on the terrace under millions of stars. Now, there were 40-plus people jockeying for a good spot. Me, with my tripod, had to meander to find a decent spot. Though, to be honest, I think having the tripod made me look more official and people made room for me.

Grand Canyon Sunrise Grand Canyon Sunrise

About halfway through sunrise, my camera gave me the alert that I had run out of space on my first of two memory cards. This ordinarily wouldn’t have been an issue but I didn’t know how to change cards – something I’ve never had to do before.

This meant I had to furiously and continuously delete old photos – mainly ones from Havasupai that weren’t needed/weren’t good photos, just to keep up the shots of what was taking place in front of me.

Grand Canyon Sunrise Grand Canyon Sunrise Grand Canyon Sunrise

At about 5:45 or so, we packed up, and headed towards Bright Angel Trail at the South Rim Village to start our descent into the canyon.

By 6:30 we were geared up, bellies full, and ready to see what the 7th wonder of the world had in store for us on Cinco de Mayo.


Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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