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The best views in Arizona

As the weather warms and spring and summer edge ever nearer, it felt like an appropriate time to show off what makes Arizona so freaking special. Here are some of the best views in Arizona that I’ve been able to witness in my time exploring the 48th state.

The thing that makes Arizona so unique is it’s comprised of diversity not seen anywhere else. You can go from the desert saguaros to the snowy mountains in just two hours; play in our creeks and rivers year-round; enjoy mile-deep canyons or frolic in waterfalls and blue water that will drive you crazy. These are just some of the places to visit in Arizona!

Best Views in Arizona

Below are what I consider to be the best views Arizona has to offer (minus the Wave because they haven’t let me in yet…)


It’s near impossible to use words to describe Havasupai. The place is surreal and magical. It might even have the best views in Arizona. If you want to know how to backpack to this oasis, I have a few backpacking guides to read.

Best time to visit: April/May/June and September/October

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Havasupai Arizona Waterfalls Packing List

Horseshoe Bend

A decade ago, if you had asked someone what Horsehoe Bend was, they would have given you an inquisitive look and asked what the heck you’re talking about. Now, it’s one of the most Instagram famous sites in Arizona and the southwest. It’s no longer free but they’ve built it up to make it safe and more accessible.

Best time to visit: Year-round

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Buckskin Gulch

An incredible slot canyon running through Northern Arizona, Buckskin Gulch can be backpacked or day hiked. The smooth canyon walls will amaze and the debris 50 feet high will make you wonder how the heck they got there. This is easily one of the best views in Arizona.

Best time to visit: Oct through May (be aware of flash flood danger)

Buckskin Gulch Hike Arizona Utah Buckskin Gulch Hike Arizona Utah

Coal Mine Canyon

An example of the beauty that the Navajo Nation presents, Coal Mine Canyon is a stunning multicolored canyon with thousands of years of history amongst it. With spires and jagged formations, this beautiful area isn’t viewable from the road and is on private property. Be cognizant of the land you’re on and get permission to view it from a Navajo guide.

Best time to visit: Year-round

Mt. Lemmon

Rising out of the desert like a rocket, Mount Lemmon, just north of Tucson, has so many places to adventure, you won’t get bored. On the off chance that southern Arizona gets a lot of snow, you can even go snowboarding at the top. In the end, the best part about Mt. Lemmon is the sunsets which will blow your mind. For those looking to get out of Phoenix, this is one of those places to visit in Arizona where you won’t be disappointed!

Best time to visit: March through October

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Grand Canyon National Park

What’s there to say about the Grand Canyon that hasn’t been done before. The canyon can be hard but it can also push you. If you’re feeling like taking a nice walk, try hiking across the canyon in a day or making it a multi-day trip.

Best time to visit: Year-Round

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Looking up at the steep walls of the Grand Canyon


Summer. Winter. Fall. Sedona has it all. There’s nothing that will diminish your trip to Red Rock country as it’s just perfect all around. The hunt for caves has become a mission for many and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how accessible they are. There’s also plenty of hiking to do. Check out the best hikes and the ones to beat the crowds.

Best time to visit: October through May

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Phoenix’s playground, the Superstition Mountains are great places to hike, camp, and find some beautiful views of the Milky Way. Only about an hour from downtown Phoenix, there are surely 50+ hikes to do in the area to quench your thirst for hiking. This is easily one of the places to visit in Arizona. Check out these five hikes if you can!

Best time to visit: November through April

best views in arizona superstitions sunset best views in arizona superstitions sunset

Lake Powell

With a shoreline longer than the entire Western US, Lake Powell has so many nooks and crannies that make it special. There’s so much to do and at sunset/sunrise, it’s freaking stunning.

Best time to visit: Year-round

Lake Powell Arizona Photography

Monument Valley

Camp. Sleep in the cabins. Lounge in the hotel. There’s a spot for everyone in Monument Valley and it won’t disappoint as one of the best views in Arizona. When you’re there, I recommend taking a guided tour by the local Navajo who will show you deep into the valley as well as share stories and history of the area. The night sky there is also amazing!

Best time to visit: Year-round

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Fossil Creek

Created thanks to a natural spring miles up the creek, the waterfall is a perfect day trip for anyone looking to get out of the Arizona heat. The water temperature is about the same year-round. Keep in mind this requires a permit during the busy seasons. The road is also a hassle to get down. Low clearance cars not recommended unless you want to redo your bottom.

Best time to visit: March through June and September through October

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Mt. Humphreys

The tallest point in Arizona, see how far your lungs will take you as you summit the 12,600-foot volcano. The best times to summit are May/June/July before the summer monsoons or in September/October after the storms leave. If you go early, be prepared for a snowy trail, and regardless of when you go, it will be windy.

Best time to visit: May through October

White Pocket

There’s no place like White Pocket. The formations, textures, views are to die for. For better or for worse, it’s a trek to get out here. You NEED a 4×4 high clearance care as the uber sandy road will eat up any other care. (And yes, I know from experience.) If you have the truck to get out there, I highly recommend it.

Best time to visit: Year-round (be aware of weather and if it’s driveable)

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Now that you have your itinerary set on the best places to visit in Arizona, it’s time to get moving!

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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