Trail Stories: When Cody befriended ‘Chip’ the chipmunk

While I’m temporarily shut out from adventuring, I figured I’d start telling some stories from the trail. Some will be funny. Some more serious. Most probably not too long. Enjoy

All throughout our trip to Canada, I dragged Cody and Chris on hike after hike, sometimes neglecting to tell them the true difficulty of it or myself being surprised as well as I failed to do the math on feet to meters conversion. *Shakes fist: Damn you Wedgemount Lake.* 

Going up to Garibaldi Lake, I think we all knew what the hike would be like but this time we all had 35-40 pounds on our back for a two-night stay at the lake. About halfway up, we stopped for lunch and this is where Cody’s true love was found (sorry Lauren).

Cody, carrying a six-pack of beers up by hand (because why not?), was pretty exhausted by this point and decided the ground looked to be as comfortable as anything. So he plopped down and started eating.

Well, as we all know, food attracts. And lo and behold, Chip the chipmunk came forward. Against my advice (per usual haha), Cody gave the little fella a couple nuts and then Chip would scurry off to bury his newfound treasure.

Chip would then sprint back, then slowly creep up to Cody, grab the goodie, and then dart off. This happened a half-dozen times while we chilled out.

Cody Meets Chip


Other than entering the many breweries throughout the trip, I’m not sure if there was a time when Cody was happier. It really was love at first sight. Thanks to world renown photograph Chris Cole for getting up close and personal on Cody while he seduced Chip.


Photo via Chris Cole
Photo via Chris Cole
Photo via Chris Cole


On the way back, we thought we saw Chip the chipmunk again. We’re not really sure but we didn’t wait too long to find out as we all wanted off the mountain and in search of real food.

I told you all we’d keep these short so hopefully, I lived up to it.

We’ll have more of these as the winter progresses.


Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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