Why I Choose the Wilderness

The world is a big place but every day it seems to shrink as globalization takes another step forward. Due to this, when I chose my adventure spots, I’m trying to go away from technology, the crowds, and civilized life. In other words, into the wilderness.

Every day I wake up, I’m surrounded by the concrete jungle. And yes, I chose that life because it’s convenient and predictable. However, every once in a while, it is nice to put that all behind me, strap on a backpack, and pretend that I’m back in the 1800s on the Oregon Trail.

The wild has a healing quality. It shakes the cobwebs off. Aligns us with our most basic instincts. And allows us to be free.

Bear in Yellowstone

Choosing the Wild

Furthermore, and more importantly, it shows us who we really are at our core.

There’s no one to impress – you’re surrounded by trees, mountains, and animals. 

You’re disconnected – allowing your personality to shine through. 

Not everything is easy or handed to you – making you work for what you want.  

The wilderness also makes you think both ahead of time and be in the moment. If you fail at either of those, it could be life-threatening. But that’s the challenge. Choosing the wilderness forces you to make choices, usually months ahead of time and punishes you if you don’t. (This is more on the physical side of things…example when I didn’t train enough for the Windys.)

But it’s always completely rewarding.

Every single trip into nature I’ve gone on has been a remarkable experience and one that I always remember fondly. There’s obviously the big, breathtaking moments of every trip that steal the show but the smaller ones, the ones that maybe weren’t a focal point are the ones that make it whole.

Yellowstone National Park - Sunrise

I’ll always remember visiting Wyoming, but the feeling when Ben asked me to be a groomsman will forever stay with me. My 2018 trip to Canada was a momentous occasion, yet Cody sitting on the ground playing with Chip the Chipmunk was incredible. Or getting to meet Mike who was walking across the country while Will and I hiked Salt Trail. Or watching the peaceful and serene sunrise over Yellowstone’s Hayden Valley, surrounded by grazing buffalo.

Most importantly, the friendships that are created and strengthened in the wild are some of the strongest you’ll ever make. You’re united on a common goal and the memories which are created sitting around a campfire, or staring at the stars, or simply laughing at the most random things last a lifetime.

These joyous occasions happen when you choose the wilderness and why I will continue choosing the wild for years and years to come.


Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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