Wildly Goods Hiking Arizona

Wildly Good Socks Review

To many, socks are an afterthought. Just something you pull on because everyone for the last 100+ years has done so. However, when it comes to hiking and adventuring, choosing the right sock can be a make or break decision. With Wildly Good merino wool socks, they are that right decision.

Soft. Lightweight. Tough. And definitely made for everywhere you go.

Wildly Goods Hiking Arizona Wildly Goods Hiking Arizona

The first trip I wore these on was a 5-mile, 2,700-foot hike up the Flat Iron outside of Phoenix, Arizona. The luxury of winter in Arizona is it allows us to spend our time outdoors and enjoying the beautiful desert.

The socks were super comfortable as we climbed up the steep canyon. Once we emerged at the top and settled for our break, my feet were still drying and there wasn’t even a hint of a blister. Even better news, my feet didn’t stink.

Less than a week later, showing the sock’s range, I was wearing it in the sub-freezing temperatures of Utah’s Arches National Park. Here, the kept my feet toasty and dry, even as I stomped along the snowy trails. I then wore them as I slept in my car that even, with temperatures dipping into the upper teens. Even then, my toes were still in good shape.

As you’re out adventuring, you shouldn’t have to worry about your feet hurting, or them being gross at the end of a hike. Put those worries to rest with some Wildly Good Socks and stay focused on the beauty of nature around you!

Wildly Goods Hiking Arizona Wildly Goods Hiking Arizona Wildly Goods Hiking Arizona Wildly Goods Hiking Arizona Wildly Goods Hiking Arizona

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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