Trail Report: The climb to alpine heaven at Wedgemount Lake

There are plenty of stunning places in British Columbia and Canada, but few rival Wedgemount Lake. I know, I know, you must be rolling your eyes as you read this. But trust me. This is one of the top Whistler hikes you can do!

What makes it even better is how you’ll be one of the few people up there due to how challenging a hike it is. But let double back on the challenging hike part. This is grueling. Full Stop.

I’ve hiked across the Grand Canyon and done Half Dome each in a day. From the sheer exertion standpoint, this is rivals those. Why is this? Well, you’re gaining over 1,200 feet a mile. It’s basically walking straight uphill with few reprieves.

Wedgemount Lake

Wedgemount Lake British Columbia Whistler Hiking

Hiking Details:

Distance: 6.5 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 4,000

Difficulty: Strenuous

Beauty: Jaw Dropping

Travel Distance: 20 minutes from Whistler


Going up to Wedgemount Lake

Outside of Whistler, you’ll have a take a short dirt road to the Wedgemount Lake trailhead. This is easy enough and our 4-door car was able to take it on easily (during summer months). When you start hiking, you’ll think, ‘oh this is a nice casual stroll.’ Well, yes…and then no.

In the first mile, you’ll knock out 500 feet. And it doesn’t stop there.

Wedgemount Lake British Columbia Whistler Hiking Wedgemount Lake British Columbia Whistler Hiking Wedgemount Lake British Columbia Whistler Hiking

After that, the incline gets steepers as the second mile see gain 1,200 feet as you wind your way through the forest and up to alpine heaven. At one point, you’ll be able to see a waterfall through a break in the trees. This is a nice place to rest, catch your breath, and refuel.

Not long after the waterfall view, you’ll leave the treeline and encounter a boulder field. You’ll traverse this for a bit before starting to head directly up to the lake. This is your final push and a difficult one at that. You’ll find ropes have been attached at various points to help you get up and down. I would not recommend doing this in the rain or without proper footwear in the snow, as the lack of traction will make this nearly impossible.

Once you fight your way up this section, you’ll hit the saddle and your first views of Wedgemount Lake will come into sight. You’ll be floored. I know I was.

Once you’ve reached this point, the rest is up to you. Time to explore and relax. Just make sure to keep an eye on the weather. While you aren’t too far away from your car, you don’t want to get caught in a storm and have to traverse the first downhill in subpar conditions.

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Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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