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2x Cancer Survivor. Adventure Photographer. Travel Writer.

Alec Sills-Trausch

—— Photographer & Storyteller

Alec is a landscape photographer and outdoors storyteller with a zeal for pushing boundaries in the wild. He enjoys hiking, backpacking, and visiting remote places,  allowing him to photograph locations from which the rest of the world shies away. In addition, Alec loves to write about his travels and craft articles that help educate and inspire others to find their joy in nature.

Alec has always been outdoorsy as he grew up hiking and visiting our unique National Parks with his parents and brother. But his connection to nature and our wild places took on a greater meaning in the winter of 2018/2019 when he was diagnosed with cancer, and those opportunities to explore were thrown into flux. Since then, he decided to start living his values and passions, turning a hobby of photography and writing into a career. By embracing each moment and finding new places to adventure, he hopes to show off the beauty of planet earth and bring more people into the environmental movement to protect our greatest treasures.

He resides in Seattle with his girlfriend, spending weekends hiking, playing tennis, and enjoying moments with friends and family. 

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Instagram: 80,000

Estimated Website Views in 2023: 455,000

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Why choose Alec for your campaign?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve focused on creating content encouraging adventurers to visit new destinations and find their love of the outdoors. Past projects have been very successful with Tourism Ireland, Mazda, North Dakota Tourism, and Visit Bend, to name a few. Additionally, after working for 6+ years in corporate marketing, my writing, marketing, social media, and photography skills make me a perfect partner for tourism destinations.

While my skills and experiences may be similar to others, one area that sets me apart is that I’m a two-time cancer survivor and currently underwent a stem cell transplant in February 2023 – yet I haven’t let it slow me down. With this life change, I’ve focused on living life to the fullest and helping inspire others to seek better horizons via the outdoors.

During my first treatment, I found my time outside was where I felt most free and alive. That daunting experience changed my outlook on life and made me realize we can’t take each day for granted and to maximize as much of life as we can. I bring this enthusiasm and enjoyment with me on all trips.

If you want someone who embodies the positive side of life, produces excellent work, and does it with humility and grace, I would love to assist with your campaign.

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