Are there Alligators in Texas? Absolutely! And here’s where to find them.

Have you ever wondered, “Are there alligators in Texas?” Well, they exist, and they’re beautiful!

Texas is renowned for its abundant wildlife, and the alligator stands out among the captivating creatures that inhabit its borders. These awe-inspiring reptiles, known for their powerful jaws and ancient lineage, have made Texas their cherished abode for countless generations.

Whether lurking in the swamps of East Texas or basking along the Gulf Coast, alligators thrive in diverse habitats, captivating the interest of locals and tourists. In this article, we embark on an exciting journey into the world of Texas’s alligators, unraveling their behavior, preferred habitats, conservation efforts, and fascinating interactions with humans.

Join us as we unveil the extraordinary secrets of these remarkable reptiles that proudly call Texas their home.

A huge alligator in east Texas shows its teeth!
are there alligators in Texas

A Guide for Finding Alligators in Texas

I love wildlife and wildlife photography. It’s one of those things that are unpredictable, so the reward is sky-high. So, when I visited Texas, one of my missions was to find alligators. While there was some luck, the return was incredible!

Are Alligators in Texas? You Bet

Where to find Alligators in Texas

You’ll be able to find Alligators in east Texas and on the Louisiana/Texas border. While we saw a small one in a lake, we had to do a swamp tour to see larger ones!

Texas/Lousiana Border

The swamps on the Texas – Louisiana border has a lot of American Alligators. This is where we found Sampson, the considerable alligator, throughout this article. We took a tour with Swamp and River Tours.

Let me say; it’s quite the experience! But if you score what we did, it’s worth it!

An alligator swims in a swamp in Texas.

Huntsville State Park

This was a surprise finding. We didn’t expect to see one here, but it was hanging out under the pier. I don’t think these get too big, but you must watch for them.

Big Thicket National Preserve

While exploring Big Thicket, we didn’t see any, but we know they can be in the creeks and rivers.

Virgin Creek State Park

Same as the above, I’ve seen photos of them on kayaking trips, but we didn’t see any this time.

"Are there alligators in Texas?" Yes, there are and they can be massive. Though most aren't.

Cooks Lake to Scatterman Paddling Trail

One of the highlights of our trip and another place where you can find alligators in Texas. Sadly, we didn’t see anything – though, to be honest, seeing an alligator on a kayak is slightly unnerving.

See the map below for the best places to find alligators in Texas.

A map of where to find alligators in texas.
Credit: Texas Parks and Wildlife

How to be safe around alligators

Safety is always the number one priority. First, never feed alligators. This causes them to lose their fear of humans and can condition them to bite at an outstretched hand. Next, it’s best not to approach alligators in general closely. They are wild, and you do not know how they will react, especially near a nest.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, no fatalities have been attributed to Texas Alligators.

A huge alligator watches us from the shore.
are there alligators in Texas

What you need to know about Alligators in Texas

  • They begin courtship and mating in late spring through early summer. They build nests in June and July.
  • Females lay between 15-60 eggs. Averages are around 30-35.
  • Eggs hatch after about two months (August and September).
  • They hatch at around eight to nine inches.
  • Most Alligators in Texas are not that big. They are five to six feet long and 25-50 pounds; by age 10, they can be up to eight feet long and weigh 250-300 pounds.

What was my favorite part about photographing Alligators in Texas

Growing up in Arizona, we didn’t have alligators or crocodiles, so the thought of doing it never crossed my mind. When the opportunity to visit the area came up, I only had one mission in mind. Photography wild alligators.

It was a surreal experience, seeing them hide amongst the lilies or cross the swamp gracefully, hardly making the water change. Seeing them in their natural habitat was excellent, and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

An alligator hides in the Lilly pads.
are there alligators in Texas

FAQ: Are there Alligators in Texas?

What’s the difference between alligators and crocodiles?

This is going to be a brief overview. Still, the most significant differences are size (crocs are more giant than alligators), color (alligators are darker), and aggression (alligators are calmer than crocodiles).

Alligators usually are in the 8-15 feet range, weighing 500-900 pounds, while crocodiles are far bigger, 16-24 feet long, and weigh a ton (2,000 pounds).

Can you find Crocodiles in Texas?

No. The only place American crocodiles live is in sparse areas in Florida. They exist in South and Central America, Australia, and Asia, but the most famous are African Crocodiles. (Those big burly beasts you see taking down large mammals.)

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What do Alligators in Texas eat?

When American alligators are less than 3 feet long, their diet primarily consists of spiders, insects, crawfish, shrimp, minnows, and crabs. However, they are also known to consume other small prey that can be swallowed whole.

As these alligators grow, their diet expands to include fish, turtles, frogs, snakes, and small birds, which become significant food sources for them. Alligators over 4 feet in length exhibit great dietary versatility and opportunism, consuming various food items. The diet of adult alligators predominantly consists of crawfish, crabs, non-game fish, and carrion.

Occasionally, they may also consume fish, giant turtles, wading birds, waterfowl, muskrats, nutria, otters, raccoons, other alligators, feral hogs, and white-tailed deer.

A alligator swims in the river. Black and white photo.
are there alligators in Texas

Wrapping up – Are There Alligators in Texas

While the presence of alligators in Texas is not as widespread as in other southern states, they do exist and thrive in certain parts of the state.

With their ability to adapt to various habitats and favorable environmental conditions, alligators have established populations in specific regions of Texas. However, residents and visitors must exercise caution when encountering these creatures, as they are wild animals with powerful capabilities.

So now you know the answer to the question, “Are there alligators in Texas.” By understanding their behavior and respecting their natural habitat, we can coexist with these fascinating reptiles while ensuring our safety and theirs.

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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