Trekking to magnificent Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls in Havasupai

Havasupai Campground8:13 am: Rise and Shine. I was the last one up Wednesday morning, and it was glorious. My 15-degree sleeping bag did its job overnight, and the cool canyon temperatures kept the tent a decent temperature for a long morning snooze.

Everyone else had already eaten, so I quickly turned on the JetBoil to heat up water for my breakfast scramble. The plan for the day was to hike to Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls in Havasupai.

Hiking to Mooney Falls & Beaver Falls – Arizona

Mooney falls arizona havasupai hiking
Standing next to Mooney Falls
Mooney falls arizona havasupai hiking
The beginning of the climb down to Mooney Falls
Mooney falls arizona havasupai hiking
Mooney Falls seen from inside the tunnel you have to climb down through.
Mooney falls arizona
Mooney Falls
Mooney falls arizona
Mooney Falls

The trek to the Havsupai Waterfalls

9:30: All packed and ready for a day of more waterfalls. This time, Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls were on the docket. We got to the chains of Mooney Falls in about 8 mins, which tells you how far back we are camping.

Once down, we decided not to stay longer and spend more time on the way back. So, off we were to Beaver Falls, Arizona!

beaver falls arizona

11:45: After a series of water crossings, ladders, and bushwhacking, we made it to Beaver Falls. We went a little way past it as the gang wanted to cliff jump. I held off as a 50-foot jump isn’t my cup of tea but the rest of the gang – save for Austin – had the time of their life leaping off the cliff’s edge.

Hanging out at Beaver Falls

beaver falls arizona

12:47 pm: We all traversed the couple hundred yards back and down to Beaver Falls, where I finally got into the water. A little chilly but well worth it after a morning spent in the sun. After cooling off, I tried my hand in some more long exposure. I’m happy with the results!

beaver falls arizona
beaver falls supai arizona

2:11: With the canyon now in the shade, we began the four-mile (ish) walk back to the campsite, again crisscrossing streams every so often. The time at Beaver Falls had been mesmerizing.

Enjoying Mooney Falls, Arizona

3:23: Back at Mooney Falls, we get in our obligatory photo shoots #DoingItForTheGram. This is where the bad news begins. I got in a few long exposure shots of Mooney before my camera battery died. I initially thought I had left my battery at the campsite, but then I realized I brought it with me. Yay! … Until it was also dead. Argh.

In the commotion of packing everything else up, I had forgotten to check the extra battery pack. Won’t be making that mistake again.

mooney falls supai arizona
Mooney falls arizona havasupai hiking
Mooney falls arizona
Mooney falls arizona havasupai hiking
Mooney falls arizona
The way up and down into Mooney Falls

4:08: Back at the campsite and pretty ravenous, I mowed down one of my three PB&J’s still in my pack. (Not eating during my hike down here messed up my sandwich count.) After the first dinner, as hobbits call it, most of us took to the hammocks for some time off our feet. There’s nothing like laying in the middle of a canyon, with flowing water surrounding you. Just perfect.

6:50: After a quick snooze, I began dinner two. Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken. No lie, it was delicious. We (mostly Micah) got adventurous and went four high with the hammocks. It was awesome.

8:01: Gathered all around the picnic table, we played ‘Heads Up’ which ended up in some hilarious scenarios. (Heads Up is sort of like charades but on your smartphone.) After that, we headed up to Havasu Falls to take in the clear skies and bright stars and check out the waterfall in peace and quiet. Those types of moments, watching water gush a hundred or more feet below the rocky bottom, were so tranquil.

(Because I don’t have a photo, close your eyes and imagine a waterfall roaring down with a starry sky above.)

Wrapping up – Exploring Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls in Havasupai

9:45: Lights out as we’ve got a 6:30 am wake-up call. The goal is to be on the trail by 8 am. We’ll see how accurate that ends up being. Still bummed my camera died, and I couldn’t get any night photos by the waterfall. It would have been epic.

Overall, though, hiking down to Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls was phenomenal, and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.

Caleb even shared some of his creme brulee with me. What a guy.

What to pack for your day hike to Beaver Falls?

I’d make sure to have plenty of food, water (and water filter), sandals or water shoes you can hike in, and sun protection. You don’t want to get fried, and the have to hike back up with a bad burn.

FAQ: Mooney and Beaver Falls

How hard is it to get to Beaver Falls, Arizona?

It’s not that hard to get to Beaver Falls in Havasuapi, though I would budget almost a full day with meandering and hanging out at the falls. It’s a stunning trip, and you should have no issues with navigation as there will be plenty of people on the trail.

Can you drive to Havasupai Falls?

No, you can only drive to the Havasuapi Trailhead and then begin the approximately 10-mile hike into the village and waterfalls.

Do you need a reservation for Beaver Falls, AZ?

Yes, anyone who visits Havasuapi needs to have a permit. A new rule instituted in 2023 is all permits are checked before you reach the trailhead.

How many miles from Mooney Falls to Beaver Falls?

It’s about 3-4 miles out there. In all, expect an extra 6-7 miles of hiking from your campsite, depending on where you are camped. But Beaver Falls is a gorgeous place, and you’ll be in heaven when you reach it!

Read about day one here. 

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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