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Are you new to backpacking or looking to familiarize yourself a bit more? My nine-page Backpacking Guide FAQ will help answer many of your questions about backpacking and how to prepare for a trip into the backcountry.

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backpacking guide for beginners

With over half a decade of experience backpacking from the deserts of Arizona to the summits of Washington State, the Sawtooth’s of Idaho, and the high alpine of Colorado, I want to help educate and inspire others to find their own joy outside. Inside my backpacking guide, you’ll find tips, locations, and the gear you need to venture out on your own tip.

Once you sign up for the backpacking guide, you’ll be emailed a link to my Google Drive with the PDF. You’ll be able to download the document from there! Thank you in advance for reading, and I truly hope you come away with some tangible knowledge you can use on your next trip.

Backpacking guide for beginners and knowledge seekers

backpacking guide faq

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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