Best Sedona hikes Secret Slick Rock Arizona

5 of the Best Hikes in Sedona to do for ‘the gram’

Sedona is an adventurer’s dream with so many incredible hikes, formations, and views to long over. It’s also an incredibly photogenic spot – just what you’ll need to spice up your Instagram. Here are five of the best hikes in Sedona to do for ‘the gram!’

These hikes are incredibly popular and will be crowded, especially on the weekends. Plan to hike early in the morning or later in the evening for sunset. Also, you’re hiking in the desert. Remember to bring water. You can find those if you’re looking for hikes away from the crowds.

Best Hikes in Sedona

Devil’s Bridge

Devils Bridge Sedona Arizona Hiking

At just over 4 miles, Devil’s Bridge is a fan favorite for tourists coming to Sedona, thanks to Instagram. The hike isn’t too hard, with the only elevation happening the last half mile. I will admit, it is a bit more underwhelming in real life than the photos make it look. It’s still cool, though!

Cathedral Rock

A two-mile roundtrip hike, Cathedral Rock is an amazing place to view the sunrise and sunset or take a quick stroll in nature. It’d be hard not to include this as one of the best hikes in Sedona, considering all you can do here. Be aware that the parking lot is tiny and will fill up quickly. It’s also in a residential area, and I don’t think they have much overflow parking. This is a super cool place for night photography, and the light pollution from Sedona is pretty low.

Cathedral Rock Best Sedona Hikes Milky Way Arizona
Best Sedona Hikes Cathedral Rock Arizona

Secret Slick Rock

A concise walk leads you to a rock plateau lookout at Cathedral Rock. It’s a fantastic place for both sunset and sunrise. For sunrise, you get the sun coming up behind the rocks, while sunset illuminates the red rock, turning them into a dark shade of red. Both are stunning, and neither requires much effort. (Pro tip: Bring a blanket to sit on while enjoying the views.)

Best Sedona hikes Secret Slick Rock Arizona
Best Sedona Hikes Secret Slick Rock Arizona

Birthing Cave

A short hike from Longs Canyon Trailhead, Birthing Cave is off the technical trail, but by now, it’s a well-known spot, and you’ll be able to follow the path to it. Be warned, to get the full cave, you will have to have a wide-angle lens and be able to scale a somewhat slippery and steep back of the cave. With more visitors, it’s definitely become worn down and slicker. Be careful when climbing. There are also more caves in Sedona to explore too.

Best Sedona Hikes Birthing Cave Arizona

Soldiers Pass and Seven Sacred Pools

If you do the full trail, it’s about four miles roundtrip. If you only go to seven sacred pools, it’s maybe a mile hike. It’s super pretty, especially after a rain or during golden hour when the red rock really lights up. I think this is one of the best hikes in Sedona there is as you’re away from the city and hiking amongst stunning scenery.

Seven Sacred Pools Sedona Arizona
Seven Sacred Pools Sedona Arizona
Soldiers Pass Trail Arizona Best Sedona Hikes

I hope you enjoy your Sedona hiking experience and remember to follow Leave No Trace principles so those who come after you enjoy the best hiking in Sedona just like you did!

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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