Conquering Canada: Backpacking to Stunning Garibaldi Lake

Garibaldi Lake.

This was the singular reason I wanted to visit British Columbia and do this trip. I know that might sound crazy but this place had captivated my attention for many, many months.

In early 2018, maybe even late 2017, I saw the lake and Panorama Ridge on Instagram and knew I had to get to it. Well, here we are!

Our first view of Garibaldi Lake
Our first view of Garibaldi Lake

Sitting 5.6 miles and 2,700 feet from the trailhead, this was a strenuous climb.  When you factor in the weight we were carrying on our backs, it was even more grueling than we were expecting. Then, add in Cody’s insistence to carry a six-pack up the mountain and you can only imagine how much fun he was having.

We got a later start than I would have liked but by 5:30 or so we were at the lake and setting up our campsite. After all the necessary deeds were done, we walked the short distance to the lake for dinner, photos, and to enjoy the scenery.

Garibaldi Lake

When the sun began to set, we headed back to the campsite to play some Rummy – which ended up being the game of the trip. (I, humbly, won most of the games to their chagrin.)

When Chris and Cody went to bed, I took advantage of the dark, clear skies to do some Milky Way shots. I couldn’t have come away more pleased and excited with the results. Prior to this, I had only had one successful Milky Way photo-sesh and this attempt blew it away.

Milky Way Photography

Garibaldi Lake Milky Way Garibaldi Lake Milky Way


The only minor issue was I wish the Milky Way had been rotating the other way so I could have snapped it over the mountain range. Alas, it behind the trees was still a stunning image.

I wrapped up my shooting and was in bed by around 1:30 am and slept like a baby. The next morning, I would crank out another 8-10 miles to the top of Panorama Ridge.


Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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