Reviewing the excellent Gregory Baltoro 65 Backpack

Are you in the market for a new backpack? Look no further than the Gregory Baltoro 65! With its sleek design and durable construction, this backpack is perfect for all your backpacking needs. It’s loaded with features like a comfortable, ventilated suspension system and a wide variety of pockets and compartments to keep all your gear organized.

Plus, it has a whopping 65 liters of storage capacity, so you can pack everything you need for even the longest trips. Trust me. This pack is a real game-changer! It’s going to be your reliable companion on all your adventures!

Gregory Baltoro 65 How to choose a backpacking pack
Havasupai with the Gregory Baltoro 65

Thoughts on the Gregory Baltoro 65

The backpack gives me everything I need

I’ve had this backpack with me for all my major backpacking trips since 2018.

Starting with Havasupai in April 2018, the Gregory Baltoro 65 has been a reliable travel partner through and through. It has plenty of space for four-day trips, and its straps allow you to hang additional gear on the outside. There are also plenty of pockets that allow for easy access to things such as snacks during hiking breaks. I’ve put 55 pounds in this backpack, which sits comfortably on my hips and shoulders.

For photographers, the bottom straps allow me to bring my tripod for all my trips. It sits nicely on the bottom of the pack and hasn’t ever gotten in the way of hiking.

backpacking Gregory Baltoro 65
Gregory Baltoro 65 How to choose a backpacking pack
In the enchantments with the Gregory Baltoro 65

How to choose a backpacking pack

A backpack is all about personal fit. Each of you is unique and will have different views on comfort and style. I recommend always going to try your backpack on before buying it. This is a surefire way as any to ensure the backpack fits well. Don’t just put it on empty, though; load it up with 30 pounds and walk around the store. If you can, walk up and down stairs to simulate an actual hike. This is the best way to choose a backpacking pack.

When figuring out how big to go, I feel a 65L is suitable for up three nights and four days. For anything longer than that, I would bump it up to 75 or so to give you some extra room for another day’s worth of food. If you’re planning to do just a night or two, you could probably stick with something in the 40L-50L area – depending on how much food/water you want to bring. All but one of my backpacking trips have been two nights and three days, and the Gregory Baltoro 65 has been fantastic.

Gregory Baltoro 65 How to choose a backpacking pack

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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