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Don’t Miss These Top Deals from the 2024 REI 4th of July Sale

Another sale! Another time to save! In true American fashion, you can’t have a holiday without a sale! And if you didn’t get all the outdoor gear you wanted during the May Anniversary Sale, it’s time to grab some summer gear at the REI 4th of July Sale 2024.

I’ll dive into the specific gear I’m looking at below, but here is a highlight of what is on sale. In my opinion, this has some GEMS!

  • 30% off almost all REI gear
  • 40% off Big Agnes and MSR Tents !!!!!!!!
  • 20% off mountain bikes
  • 40% off The North Face and Big Agnes sleeping bags
  • 25% off Prana swimwear
  • 20% off TAHE paddle boards and kayaks

Top Gear from the 2024 REI 4th of July Sale

a hiker stands near a tent with a gorgeous sunrise. You can get this gear at the rei 4th of july sale
A hiker stands looking at a sunset.

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1. Big Agnes and MSR Tents – 40% off

What can I say? This is the best deal for the entire 2024 REI 4th of July Sale. Getting the chance to get these at almost half off is CRAZY good, and if I didn’t already own the Big Agnes Copper Spur 3P Tent, I’d be buying mine right now!

2. Ignik Gas Growlers – 25% off

For the last five years, I’ve had my own mini propane tank similar to this one. It’s super easy to travel with and refillable, so you aren’t throwing out those smaller propane containers. This is a smart economic and environmental buy.

Grab the Ignik Gas Growler

3. DRT 3.3 Mountain Bike – 20% off

If you’re looking for a new mountain bike this summer, the time is now to snatch one of these up. 20% off is a massive discount, considering how pricey these are. Make sure you’re a member, too, because you’ll get 20% off shop services and free tubes with a purchase of a flat tire repair.

4. TAHE Inflatable Paddleboards and Kayaks

Tis the season to hit the lakes and streams! We’ve been loving paddleboarding on the lakes in Washington and can’t wait to get back on there as the weather warms up.

Check out this Kayak
Check out this Paddleboard

5. Big Agnes 15-degree sleeping bags – 40% off

My current sleeping bag is a Big Agnes 15-degree bag, though they no longer make that specific one. The new ones, Ranger and Roxy Ann, and the new iterations. If they’re anything like mine, they’re rock solid. And again, to get it 40% off is a MASSIVE win for you.

Ranger Sleeping Bag
Roxy Ann Sleeping Bag

a big agnes copper spur UL3 tent with hiking boots in front
Photo Credit: Alec Sills-Trausch/ @Alecoutside

6. Osprey Hiking Packs – 25% off

Many of the Osprey hiking packs are on sale, so it’s difficult to list specific ones. Overall, Osprey makes phenomenal backpacks, and I brought my 36L pack up Mount Whitney back in 2019.

Talon and Tempest Packs (I recommend these over the below.)
Hikelite 26 Pack
Daylite Collection

If you need a pack, jump at this during the 2024 REI 4th of July Sale.

7. Katadyn Water Treatment – 30% off

This is for backpackers and those who do long day hikes and may not want to carry an entire day’s worth of water on their backs. Katadyn is my current water filter, and it’s been perfect for me for a couple of years.

I personally like the gravity filter because it’s like passive water income!

8. Kelty 4-Person Car Camping Tent – 25% off

If you’re looking for a nice car camping tent that won’t break the bank, this is the one for you! Combine it with this queen-sized air mattress and sleeping bag, and you’ve got yourself a camping trip!

9. Gregory Paragon and Maven Packs – 25% off

I bring my 38L Gregory Paragon pack with me on all my day hikes. It has enough room for snacks, clothes, and my camera gear. I’ve had it since 2019, and it’s still crushing. Who knows when I’ll need another bag – which is always how you want it to be.

It looks like this sale is for backpacking bags at 48L and higher. Here are the Maven’s for females.

Photo Credit: Alec Sills-Trausch

10. The North Face Sleeping Bags – 40% off

Another great REI 4th of July Sale item! You can’t possibly go wrong with The North Face Sleeping Bags. At 40% off, this is a no-brainer!!

11. Balega Socks – 25% off

I’m not sure what they put in these socks, but my gosh, they are the softest and most comfortable socks out there. Usually, I don’t buy them because they’re a bit pricey, but 25% off is a good place to grab them when you can!

12. Gregory Water Bladders and Hydration Accessories – 25% off

I’ve always been pro-carry water in a bladder. It’s from growing up in Arizona and always being protective about how much water you have on you. I usually recommend 2L or 3L for hiking and backpacking.

2L Hydration
3L Hydration

13. YETI Coolers – 20% off – Members Only

Yes, I know YETI coolers are expensive. So, if you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to save 20% on one. I have a 65L cooler, and it’s great for road trips and long weekends. But it does take up a lot of space. If you’ve got a smaller car, maybe a 45L is best.

I know there are a lot of great deals, but this might be the top one for the 2024 REI 4th of July Sale.

14. Prana Zion Pants and Shorts

A hiker walks in the larches in Washington. The prana pants are on sale during the rei 4th of july sale
A hiker walks in the larches in Washington

I swear by my Prana hiking pants and bring them almost everywhere. Honestly, they are the only hiking pants I wear. However, my fiancee says she doesn’t like how the women fit on her. So, females, keep that in mind.

Looking for more deals, head to REI.com and check out the entire sale yourself!
Clearance clothing and footwear items are up to 50% off

Wrapping up the 2204 REI 4th of July Sale

I hope you were able to find some great gear to help propel you into the outdoors this summer. I highly recommend the 40% off backpacking tents because this is probably the best time ever to get these deals!

Coupled with the sleeping bag sales, there’s never been a better time to get your backpacking set up locked in for years to come!

Happy shopping, and enjoy the 2024 REI 4th of July Sale.

Until next time, adventurers, stay safe.

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