a big agnes copper spur UL3 tent with hiking boots in front

Huge REI Backpacking Sale: 30-40% off Big Agnes and MSR tents and gear

To the new visitors reading, I want to let you all know that I own Big Agnes gear and love it. My first backpacking tent lasted me 5+ years, and I still use it when I go alone. We just upgraded to the Copper Spur 3 person (​my review on it​) and love it. Additionally, my brother and I slept in his MSR tent all of summer 2020, and it was fantastic.

I say all this because I want you to know that the gear I recommend is things I’ve tried (or at least know of) and have been a great investment.

These tents usually run in the $450-$600 range at full price. Getting it at a discount is an incredible steal.

a big agnes copper spur UL3 tent with hiking boots in front
Photo Credit: Alec Sills-Trausch/ @Alecoutside

HUGE REI Backpacking Flash Sale

Big Agnes 30% off Sale

Big Anges doesn’t just do ultra-light tents. They have chairs, backpacks, and sleeping pads. I own a BA tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag. All have lasted six years and go strong. You can literally get your entire backpacking set up right now for 30% off!

Copper Spur tent I highly recommend:

These tents are lightweight and a perfect three-season tent (unless you’re in a high-wind area, as these are lighter and not as sturdy). But you’ll be fine if you’re not going to Patagonia or into a hurricane!

Sleeping Pad I recommend:

The one I have feels like sleeping on a cloud. It’s amazing, and I’ve had no issues since I bought it in 2018. The R-value is how warm and insulated the sleeping pad will be. Cold air rises from the ground, and a more insulated bag will keep you warmer.

Sleeping bags I recommend:

I think a 15-20-degree bag is perfect. It allows you to backpack in three seasons (maybe even four… I did winter tent camping in my 15-degree), and there’s no need to buy multiple sleeping bags. Plus, getting ultralight means it’s not weighing you down.

​See the entire Sale​

backpacking summiting mt daniel tent views

MSR Hubba Hubba Tents 40% off Sale

This is only for Hubba Hubba Tents and footprints, so fewer options exist than the Big Agnes one. However, 40% off can’t be beaten!

What I recommend:

​See the entire Sale.​

What size tent do you need?

A good rule of thumb is a two-person tent is good for solo camping, and a three-person tent is perfect for two people. Now, you can totally do two people in a two-person – my brother and I did it – but it’s tight.

Also, if you have wider sleeping pads (my girlfriend and I do), it makes it cramped in a two-person, which is why we moved up to the Copper Spur 3P.

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