The Pandemic Roadtrip – Day 1 – Arriving in Salt Lake City

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I’m going on an adventure.

Thursday started the first of what will hopefully be a month out of the Arizona heat and life on the road to less populated areas in our great northern states. And I know what you are surely thinking, ‘Wow, Alec, traveling during COVID…”

The only response I can give is that I’m COVID free (tested on Tuesday, results were back Wednesday) and Austin and I are going to be camping and hiking away from basically everyone. The only time we’ll be around people are in grocery stores and gas stations. That’s it. And currently being COVID-free, I’m definitely more worried about getting it vs giving it. Plus, have ya seen Arizona…? I need away from this dumpster fire ASAP.

The Loose Itinerary

I met Austin in Salt Lake City, and we begin our trek north into Wyoming and the Wind River Range – a sparsely visited and populated area of Central Wyoming. I was actually there last year to backpack Titcomb Basin. This year, the goal is Cirque of the Towers, a beautiful basin with towering peaks.

After the Winds, life on the road continues as we head north to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone for about a week, before linking up with some friends in Glacier National Park. We’ll be there for a week before beginning the trek west through Idaho and into Washington and its famed National Parks.

If we aren’t backpacking, I hope to give you all a daily update of what we did and a few photos along the way. If I have the time, I’ll also be doing Trail Reports for the bigger hikes.

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Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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