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What you need to know to hike to Sperry Chalet in Glacier

With the rain finally behind us, the foursome set out to do our first big hike of the Glacier trip. Our destination, the Sperry Chalet, which burned in a fire in 2017 and has since been rebuilt.

Glacier National Park’s Sperry Chalet

Throughout this article, we’ll quickly dive into all you need to knwo about hiking to Sperry Chalet and having a great time in Glacier National Park.

Quick Sperry Chalet Hike Details

The Sperry Chalet is an overlooked hiking destination in West Glacier. While it might not have the insane views that those in Logan Pass or Many Glacier have, it’s still a fantastic hike with lots of scenery.

  • 12.5 miles round trip
  • 3,500 feet of elevation gain
  • Challenging but not overly hard
  • The trailhead is at Lake McDonald Lodge and is called the Sperry Trailhead (so you can’t miss it)

Hiking to Sperry Chalet

We hiked 6.5 miles up a steady incline to the cliff’s edge, which houses the Sperry Chalet and its surrounding buildings. You can make a reservation here and stay the night in an absolutely stunning location.

The hike winds you through a forested valley, past a waterfall, and finally up some long switchbacks before dropping you at the Sperry Chalet. On the way, we did run into a family of mountain goats, which was super cool to see up close. (They were right on the trail and surprised us as we rounded the corner.)

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If you look at the trail incline on a map, it will look gentle.

Was it hard? Yes. Was it overly demanding? No. Most in-shape people with enough time will be able to reach it!

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A mountain goat family

On our way up, we encountered a friendly family of mountain goats with a little one. Because of the baby mountain goat, we were very cautious, especially as they seemed to get closer and closer, even with us backing up and speaking calmly to them.

After a while, we were finally in a position to scoot around them.

While mountain goats are not normally dangerous, when they have young children, they are extra protective, and it is best to take all the precautions you need. It’s better than being armed or kicked!

Glacier National Park Mountain Goat Photography Montana Sperry Chalet
Glacier National Park Mountain Goat Photography Montana Sperry Chalet

Reaching the Sperry Chalet

Once we arrived at the top, we were ravenous. We all scarfed down our sandwiches, enjoying the view before us. Unfortunately, due to the insane amount of sweat I produce, I got pretty cold as the wind chill was in the 40s at the top.

After scurrying off of the edge, it was a little more manageable, but we didn’t spend too much time at the top before beginning our six-mile journey down to Lake McDonald.

I’m sure on a sunnier day, the views would have been magnified even more. Still, it was an awesome hike up to a place few get to experience.

Glacier National Park Photography Montana Sperry Chalet hike

Staying overnight at the Sperry Chalet

We talked with the staff up there, learning more about operations. The per-night charge at Sperry Chalet is $350 a night, which includes three meals. They also have a chef there for summer, which I can only imagine would be a fantastic job.

What to bring to hike the Sperry Chalet

All you need is your classic hiking gear, bear spray (a must in Glacier), and a change of clothes just in case you’re freezing like I was. Additionally, don’t forget plenty of food and water. This is a long hike, and you’ll want to be plenty nourished to keep from bonking.

Wrapping up – Sperry Chalet Hike

If you’re looking for a West Glacier hike that will test you physically but also not be too crowded, the Sperry Chalet hike is for you!

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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