Redwood National Park

The 4 Best Redwood National Park Hikes

The tallest trees in the world reside in the farthest tip of Northwest California. Hours and hours from the nearest metro area, the air is fresh and crisp as you strain your neck to see the highest branches of the Coastal Redwoods. This is Redwood National Park, and these are the best Redwood National Park hikes.

Many likely don’t know that Redwood National Park comprises multiple state parks. Prairie Creek, Del Norte, and Jedidiah Smith State Parks were created in the 1920s and 1930s, 40 years before the National Park Service offered more protection. As it stands now, it’s a joint operation with the state parks continuing to exist with the NPS encompassing their territory to provide federal protection.

I loved and cherished our time amongst these giants during our visit. It can be a trek for many, but these are must-see sights. Below you’ll find my favorite Redwood National Park hikes.

A guide to hiking in Redwood National Park

4 Redwood National Park hikes you NEED to do

Boy Scout Tree Trail

Location: Jedidiah Smith State Park

This was probably the highlight of the trip and my favorite of the hikes in Redwood National Park. I don’t think there was anything particularly unique about this trail, but it was nearly empty, and there were SO MANY trees and ferns, and it was perfect. Overall, the trail is seven miles to the falls, but we went in about 1.5 miles. We just loved walking through and seeing the beauty.

The first mile is a moderate uphill climb, and then you start to drop down to what I’d assume are the falls. Once you get over the hill, the scenery changes to nearly all ferns instead of other trees and shrubbery.

Boy Scout Tree Trail redwood national park best hikes
Boyscout tree trail | redwood national park best hikes

Stout Grove

Location: Jedidiah Smith State Park

This two-mile flat loop is on the same road as Boy Scout Tree (and Grove of the Titans) and is accessible to nearly everyone. The flat dirt path should be suitable for a stroller. Being a fairly popular area, we didn’t feel too cramped for space, and the photography opportunities were endless. We had a blast exploring smaller trails that put you in the middle of the towering giants. This is one Redwood National Park hike you must visit.

Jedidiah Smith State Park Redwood National Park hikes
Stout Grove redwood national park best hikes Redwood National Park hikes
Stout Grove Redwood National Park Redwood National Park hikes
Stout Grove | Redwood National Park hikes

Trillium Falls

Location: Prarie Creek State Park

Trillium Falls Trail is a three-mile loop, but you can also make it a one-mile hike if you only want to get to the falls. The falls are magical and have one of the prettiest views in the entire area. After spending some zen time at the falls, the rest of the hike is somewhat monotonous. However, we saw no one on it, so the peace and quiet were much enjoyed. Thanks to the stunning falls and serenity, it was one of our favorite hikes in Redwood National Park.

Trillium Falls California redwood national park best hikes
Trillium Falls | Hikes in Redwood National Park

Fern Canyon

Location: Prarie Creek State Park

Seen in Jurrasic Park 2, Fern Canyon is a water hike through a lush canyon lined with ferns. I would strongly recommend wearing water shoes or ensuring your boots are waterproof. 97% of the hike is through the water, so expect to get wet. The walk up the canyon isn’t long but will take some time as you enjoy the sights.

If you’d favor a quicker hike out, you can take a regular trail that deposits you at the mouth of the canyon. You’ll find this trail near a couple of steps leading up. Overall, this is a must for Redwood National Park hikes.

Fern Canyon Hike redwood national park best hikes
Fern Canyon | redwood national park best hikes
Fern Canyon Hike Redwood National Park hikes

Bonus Spot: Sue-Meg State Park – Patrick’s Point

A short quarter-mile hike from the backpacking lot, Patrick’s Point is perfect for watching the sunset and spotting whales. We counted over a dozen whales migrating north for the summer. While not technically one of the hikes in Redwood National Park, I still highly recommend it!

Patrick's Point State Park California sunset redwood national park best hikes
Patricks Point| redwood national park best hikes

Where to stay near the Redwoods

Looking for the perfect place to stay near Redwood National Park and be close to hikes in Redwood National Park? Look no further! From cozy cabins to luxurious lodges, the area surrounding this natural wonderland is home to some of the best accommodations in the state.

One top pick is the stunning Elk Meadow Cabins, just minutes from the park. With charming, rustic cabins nestled among towering redwoods and a babbling creek, this peaceful retreat offers the perfect combination of comfort and natural beauty.

If you want something more upscale, consider the luxurious Redwood Suites in downtown Klamath. With spacious rooms and stunning views of the surrounding forests and rivers, this elegant hotel is the perfect base for exploring the park and the surrounding area.

For a more authentic experience, check out the rustic lodges and campsites within the park itself. With amenities ranging from fire pits to hot showers, these cozy accommodations offer a unique and unforgettable way to experience the natural beauty of Redwood National Park.

No matter where you choose to stay, the Redwood National Park hikes will captivate your senses and leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

FAQs about visiting Redwood National Park

Where is the Redwood National Park Visitor Center located?

The main visitor Center is at Jedediah Smith State Park, northeast of Crescent City.

What is the drive from Crescent City?

This depends on where you go in Redwood National Park, as the boundaries are spread out. But Crescent City to Jedidah State Park is about 20 minutes.

How far is Redwood National Park from San Francisco?

It’s between 5.5 and 6 hours, but I’d give you longer so you can stop and enjoy the views. Humbolt Redwoods State Park is stunning, and the Avenue of the Giants is a must-see. There are many similar treks, like the hikes in Redwood National Park.

What else is there to do besides the Redwood National Park best hikes?

Enjoy time on the coast and continue traveling to southern Oregon, where the coastal views are mind-blowing.

How is the Redwood National Park Weather?

It’s cool year-round. In the winter, it’s rainy and cloudy, while the summertime is when the classic fog rolls in. So definitely bring a rain jacket to stay dry as you do your hikes in Redwood National Park.

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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