Taking Down Cancer: Third Treatment Cycle in the Bag

I’ll cut to the chase. This last cycle was about as normal/good as it could be.

I’m not fully sure what happened or why but I experienced very little nausea and mild exhaustion. That was probably due to being able to eat full meals every day. Crazy to think nourishing your body can have a positive impact, huh?

But let’s start from the top, shall we?

First Week

  • We moved my treatment to a Wednesday to better cope with my work schedule. This was a good plan. While at treatment, I scoffed down a full meal from In-N-Out (someone reach out to them to see if they’re interested in sponsoring this blog). Then, when I got home, I took a Zofran (anti-nausea med) and did my first mother-approved THC before going to bed. And when I say THC, I took a pretty small part of the medical marijuana brownie. I have no idea how much actual THC ended up in my body. I woke up a couple hours later feeling surprisingly spry and hungry… okay, maybe the THC did work.
  • I did the same routine before going to bed, another Zofran and some more THC. When I woke up Thursday morning, I assumed I’d be in a crappy state like on Christmas day. But, thankfully, I wasn’t. I was able to eat food and wasn’t nauseous at all. I felt good enough that night to go hang out with a friend and get in a little walk. I went a tad too long without anti-nausea meds, as I started to feel slightly queasy late that night. However, it quickly went away with meds and ginger ale tea.
  • Friday morning wasn’t as easy as Thursday. I woke up feeling more ‘meh’, so I took some THC (and apparently got a solid concentration). I promptly went back to sleep for a couple hours. For the FBI agents surely reading this, I’m not a fan of being high. It’s weird and uncomfortable.
  • By Saturday, I was feeling much more like myself. I ended up leaving my mom and dad’s place a day early and headed back to my own.
  • On Sunday, I missed my first Rock n Roll half marathon since 2016 but was able to watch my buddy Steven run by my house. He crushed it!
  • I also went out into the Superstitions with my good friend Adam, and we watched the Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse and shot photos.
  • By Monday, only five days after getting treatment, I felt good enough to go on my first outside run. I did a walk-run combo of 2.1 miles. Then, on Wednesday, I ran again on the treadmill – totaling 1.1 miles with only a few hundredths of a mile of walking.

Second Week

  • We moved during this week so I spent the majority of the time packing up my room and figuring out where miscellaneous things that have ended up under my bed should go. (The correct answer is Goodwill but I’m still 26 and learning.) Saturday was the true moving day where the roommates, friends, and I put our big things on trucks and sent them to the new place (about 10 mins away). This was exhausting but I held up pretty well. Considering my roommates, with functioning cells, were still tired, I think I was doing well.
  • Thankfully, we’re all moved in and we added RJ, who did screenshot me the part of the blog he was mentioned in. Good job sir. Our bedrooms are looking good but the rest of the house still full of boxes and we’re without internet as of early in week two.
  • Monday was great. I completed my goal of running a mile straight without stopping. Shoutout to Alyson for being an excellent running companion and not leaving me in her dust. (She’s about to run a full marathon and is going to do amazing!)

Third Week

  • I worked out every day this week which was nice. Feels great to be in a normal routine.
  • I met with the radiologist and woah, was that a heavy meeting. I’ll dive into that as we get closer to April but just know it was not a fun conversation to have.
  • Friday I did my longest walk-run with 3.1 miles timed and 3.6 miles overall. I live near Tempe Town Lake now so I’ll fully take advantage of running around the lake.
  • I  also did my first summit hike this past weekend on Piestewa Peak with my dad. I’m more than 50% slower but, alas, that’s the life now.
  • On Sunday, my mom, brother and I headed up to Flagstaff to hit the slopes. They received 12+ inches overnight which was something we couldn’t pass up! This is my third-day boarding this year and it’s immensely satisfying to be getting better and not falling over all the time.
  • I took the last few days off to let my body rest up before treatment.
  • Work continues to be awesome and flexible with my schedule. I’ve been trying to do knock things out on Monday/Tuesday to lighten my load as much as I can before the treatment happens. Sometimes this works…others it doesn’t. #WorkHappens

Now I’m 2/3rds of the way done with my last treatment on March 20 [For those who…can’t remember 😉 ] and really excited for a weekender in northern Arizona in two weekends. Stay tuned for a blog on that adventure.


Thanks for all the support and love!