The Pandemic Roadtrip – Day 11 – Rafting the Flathead River

It felt really nice to sleep in a hotel after a couple of days on an air mattress that was slowly losing its ability to hold air. After sleeping in, we grabbed a delicious breakfast from a local Whitefish eatery. With bellies full, the four of us, in our two cars, headed to Glacier National Park 30 minutes away.

After setting up our campsite directly outside the park, we joined Will’s cousin, boyfriend, and two friends for a rafting (more of a float) trip of the Flathead River. I think there were three minor rapids but the rest was simply hanging out and enjoying the scenery.

I all, we spent around five hours on or around the river. The squad did some bridge jumping before and afterwards. It was a lowkey first day in the West Glacier area before a hectic next week of hiking and sightseeing.

This one is obviously short. Gotta move on to to the good stuff!


Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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