Backpacking the captivating Wilson Mountain in Sedona

To celebrate my cancer-free news, my dad agreed to join me in backpacking Wilson Mountain, the highest point in Sedona. It offers some of the best views for Sedona hikes.

We embarked from Phoenix to red rock country early Saturday morning ahead of the 10-mile round trip hike. With the hike starting at Midgley Bridge and parking quite limited, we parked at a local grocery store and Lyfted to the trailhead. This strategy worked out perfectly!

Hiking Sedona’s Wilson Mountain

Hike Details:

Distance:10 miles

Elevation Gain: 2,650 feet

Difficulty: Moderate

Beauty: Pretty damn good

Considering we started around 1 pm, it was warming up quickly as we began the uphill climb. While it wasn’t anything too intense, as Sedona is close to 5,000 feet in elevation, the sun’s rays still were felt by both my dad and me.

The first mile or so isn’t too bad as you gradually make your way up into the red rocks. You start to gain elevation from there, and the switchbacks are the only thing you experience for the next two miles or so. I’d estimate it took us about 2.5 hours or so to hike up to the saddle with 40 pounds on our backs.

You should breeze up if you’re doing this hike without backpacking equipment. I’d imagine I could do the 5-mile hike to the top in 2 hours.

At the saddle, we pitched our tents, and then I continued to the top to see the sights. With no weight on my back anymore, I crushed the last mile in 20 minutes to the Sedona overlook side.

Sedona Overlook on Wilson Mountain

Once I got to the top of Wilson Mountain, the views were absolutely stunning! As the highest point in Sedona, you literally look down on the city. Sedona looks utterly different from this angle as you have red rocks in front of you and striking white rocks below.

I meandered throughout the plateau and would have liked to have spent more time up there (or camped up there) but I wanted to get down for sunset so I wasn’t hiking downhill in the dark.

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Sedona Sunset Views

While the clouds didn’t do their job, we were treated to a fantastic Sedona sunset on Wilson Mountain. I ran around doing crazy photography things, and my dad eventually made his way out to check out the sights as well.

wilson mountain sedona hikes backpacking
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Wilson Mountain Sedona hikes sunset backpacking
wilson mountain sedona hikes backpacking

A night under 5 billion stars

Dad and I enjoyed a quick freeze-dried meal and a quiet night watching the stars come out above us. After five months of stress, and sky-high anxieties, having a chance to breathe a sigh of relief was necessary and so welcoming.

As it was insanely windy on the saddle, we made out way into the tent and passed out quickly.

The next morning, we took our time packing up and began the trek downward. I think my dad really enjoyed going downhill versus uphill the day prior. The graveling trail at the top took a little time to navigate, but we eventually made it down and cruised over the last mile.

Overall, it was a much-needed adventure after the hell we were put through. I’m truly thankful to have the ability to do these sorts of trips and adventures with my dad. I’d highly recommend you consider this for one of your Sedona hikes.

Cheers to many more adventures!

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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