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My name is Alec Sills-Trausch, and I’m the human behind @AlecOutside.

Alec is a landscape photographer and outdoors storyteller with a zeal for pushing boundaries in the wild. He enjoys all types of activities, but Type 2 is his preferred style, allowing him to photograph locations the rest of the world shies away from. In addition, Alec loves to write about his travels and craft articles that help educate and inspire others to find their joy in nature. By showing off the beauty of planet earth, he hopes to bring more people into the environmental movement to protect our greatest treasures. He’s also a cancer survivor, hoping to show the world that there is a future from this terrible disease. He currently lives in Seattle.

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Alec Sills-Trausch

Whether it is on top of a 14er or amongst the saguaros of the desert southwest, I love being outside. Through photography and writing, I have two goals: Inspire people to get outside and provide as much educational material to make their experience as rewarding as possible.

With my marketing background, I have the unique ability to produce content and tell stories from areas that many other people cannot. This presents a unique value to brands looking to have their products displayed in unique locations. With my background at a national non-profit headquarters, global tech company, and the nation’s largest self-moving company, I have a wide swath of knowledge and understanding of how companies function.

Additionally, as of April 2019, I am a cancer survivor. You never imagine finding out at 26 that you have been diagnosed with cancer. Yet, I showed the same grit and determination I do on the trail or mountain and beat the disease in seven turbulent months. Since then, I’ve wanted to show the world that cancer is not the end of the road. I’ve added a third goal to my list: Let the world know you can live a fruitful life post-cancer. And I’ve done that.

As I was going through treatment, I never knew if I’d ever be able to hike or adventure again. But now that I can, I can’t imagine not doing it as much as possible. 

Since beating cancer in April of 2019, I’ve summited Mt. Whitney, backpacked 40+ miles in the Wyoming backcountry, hiked across the Grand Canyon in one day, summited Colorado 14er’s, and continue to do as much adventure photography as possible.

Photo Credit: Austin Sills-Trausch

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