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Is Arizona worth visiting? Most definitely yes!

If you have to ask, “Is Arizona worth visiting,” you’ve been sleeping on 48th state. Arizona is one of the most diverse states in the United States, with deserts, red rocks, mountains, skiing, National Parks, and tasty food.

After living in Arizona for 28 years, it took me a while to realize how much there was to do. But once I did, I had an endless amount of adventures. Spending time in Arizona is truly magical.

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Why is Arizona worth visiting

Is Arizona worth visiting

How to plan my trip to Arizona

How many days are enough for Arizona?

I would recommend 5-7 days when visiting Arizona. This will allow you to travel north to Sedona or the Grand Canyon and not feel rushed.

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What Month is best to visit Arizona?

November and then March, and April are pretty great months to visit. December and January are too, but it can be a little wet – but the temperatures are still glorious. If you come in March and April, you can enjoy both Phoenix and the Grand Canyon, as it won’t be as cold up there.

Is Arizona worth visiting

What is the worst Month to visit Arizona?

Stay away in August. Here, the temperatures are at their hottest, plus the humidity rises due to monsoon storms. It can be a pretty ugly time here. However, the desert creates wonderful thunderstorm conditions if you like storms and can bear some heat.

What is the prettiest place in Arizona?

The prettiest place in Arizona has to be Havasuapi. A heavenly home in the Grand Canyon, Havasuapi has turquoise blue water with majestic waterfalls. It’s genuinely one of the most gorgeous places in Arizona and the world.

It’s only accessible by permit, and they’re very hard to get. Currently, there’s a backup into 2024 for them. So, if you’re curious, Is Arizona worth visiting only for Havasupai? The answer is yes. Most definitely, yes!

What is so special about Arizona?

I’d be here forever if I listed all the reasons Arizona is so unique. But when it comes down to “Is Arizona worth visiting,” the five below rise to the top.

Is Arizona worth visiting
Is Arizona worth visiting

Is Arizona worth visiting? 5 Reasons to book your trip

  1. See one of the 7 Wonders of the World at the Grand Canyon
  2. Eat damn good Mexican food in Phoenix and Tucson
  3. Get to visit three National Parks, all within 4 hours of Phoenix
  4. While the rest of the country is freezing, winters in Arizona are immaculate. Book a hotel and flight here!
  5. Explore Red Rock Country in Sedona

Most photogenic locations to see while visiting Arizona

  • Grand Canyon
  • Havasupai
  • Superstition Mountains
  • Mogollon Rim
  • Tucson
  • Sedona
Is Arizona worth visiting
Is Arizona worth visiting

Is Arizona worth visiting – Wrapping up

As you can see throughout this article, Arizona is very much worth visiting! The stunning saguaros, mountains, waterfalls, delicious food, and great weather most of the year make Arizona amazing. So if anyone asks you, “Is Arizona worth visiting,” you can now tell them the truth!

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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