Yosemite Half Dome Sunset

How to land a permit to hike Half Dome in 2023

It’s iconic. It is impressive. It’s Yosemite’s, Half Dome. While there are more than enough reasons to visit Yosemite, Half Dome, towering 5,000 feet above the valley floor, may be the greatest attraction. The half-granite rock looks amazing during sunrise and sunset, making it a beacon for all who visit. However, to hike it, you have to secure a Yosemite Half Dome permit which limits how many hikers can reach the top each day.

Everything you need to know to hike half dome.

Like in years past, Half Dome permits are required to reach the summit this year. The mindset here is to regulate and ensure as safe conditions as possible for those trekking up and down the cables. From someone who has done it twice, a traffic jam on the cables is about the last thing you want. (Pro tip: Sunrise on Half Dome is the way to do it.) Below we’ll dive into how to navigate the Half Dome lottery so you give yourself the best chance at hiking Half Dome!

Securing a Yosemite Half Dome Permit

yosemite half dome permit half dome lottery
Yosemite Half Dome permit

There are two ways to obtain a permit. The first is the preseason lottery (225 permits available per day), where you can specify what dates you’d like to apply for. This is geared more toward planners and those scheduling trips. The second is the daily lottery (50+ permits available per day), which allows you to apply two days in advance. This allows ~275 people per day to hike Half Dome.

Half Dome Permits System and Understanding the Half Dome Lottery

Application Process

March 1st – March 31st: Starting March 1st and going throughout the month, you can apply for the preseason Half Dome Lottery.

April 10th: Half Dome Lottery results announced.

April 24th: Confirm results. If you won the preseason lottery, you still have to say you will take them and then pay for them. (At this point, you’re either on your way to hiking half dome…or you’re not, and then you must dive into the daily lottery.)

May 20th – October 11th: Applications for the daily lottery are a go. I’ve been successful multiple times with the daily lottery. As you’d assume, weekdays give you the best chance. Weekends are the worst.

May 26th – October 10th: Half Dome Cables are up. (Check current conditions as things may change.) Especially with how much snow the Sierras have received in 2023, I wouldn’t be shocked to see these dates amended.

October 14th: Cables are taken down.

Yosemite Half Dome permit  half dome lottery

Best of luck with your Yosemite Half Dome permits as you prepare for one of the most incredible hikes you can imagine!

More information is available here.

Until next time adventurers, take care and be safe.

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